Split ends are the nemesis of anyone who strives to have healthy hair. Luckily there are quite a few things you can do to prevent them. Here I have collected my 14 favorite hair care tips on how to avoid split ends. Enjoy!

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1. Don’t brush your hair wet

The first tip for preventing split ends is to avoid brushing your hair wet. When your hair is wet, it is very susceptible to damage. While I recommend a comb over a brush for most people anyways, it is a must to stay away from the brush when your hair is wet!

If you have to use something to detangle your hair while it’s still wet, use a wide-toothed comb and be very, very careful!

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2. Use hair-friendly brushing or combing materials

Image of a wooden comb

Another reason for split ends is a brush made of bad materials. Brushes with plastic bristles can cause a lot of damage to your hair structure. In order to avoid hair-splitting, use hair-friendly brushes.

I personally love my wooden horn comb*. When I switched to using that instead of my old, plastic paddle brush, I saw a significant decrease in split ends.

Get one here!*

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3. Protect your hair in the night

Image of a white silk pillow

While you have a good night’s rest, your hair is heavily at work. Every time you change positions (and trust me, you do that a lot in one night), your hair rubs over your pillowcase. The longer and older your hair tips, or the weaker they are, the more do they suffer damage from this.

So if you want to prevent split ends during the night, make sure you protect your hair. The most common way to do this is to use a silk pillowcase or wear a satin-lined cap*. I personally opt for the silk pillowcase* most of the times, as it also prevents my skin from getting wrinkly faster. Win-win!

You can easily order one here!*

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4. Oil your hair regularly

Image of a bottle of monoi oil

What moisturizing is to your skin care, oil is to your hair care. Nature planned for our sebum to oil and protect our hair. But nowadays we wash most of our natural oils away. And the longer our hair gets, the less of our sebum reaches the tips…

When the tips get dry and crunchy, they start splitting and breaking. So to avoid all those split ends, hair oil is a very good idea! Just put a little bit into the lengths and tips of your hair regularly.

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My personal favorite is the Tiki Tahiti Monoi oil with vanilla flavor (get it here!)*. Not only is it the only coconut oil my hair tolerates, it also smells heavenly like cookies!

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5. Wear your hair up more often

Image of a woman wearing her hair in a bun

If you’re constantly wondering “Why does my hair get split ends so fast?”, this one is for you!

A big cause of split ends is the way we wear our hair every day. Of course, if you have long hair you want to show it off. But wearing your hair loose leads to a lot of mechanical damage for your tips.

Just think about it: Your tips rub over your clothes aaaalll day long!

So to prevent your hair from splitting because it rubs on your clothes all day, simply wear it up more often. This is a perfect excuse to try a few new hairstyles or buy a few new hair sticks!

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6. Do Cassia hair treatments

Image of a pack of cassia powder

One thing that has made a huge difference for my hair health is Cassia Obovata*. Cassia is something very similar to Henna, but it doesn’t dye your hair. Still, you get all the same benefits from a Cassia treatment: shinier hair, and most importantly, it strengthens your structure.

Doing a Cassia treatment every 1-2 weeks will help immensely in preventing split ends. But be careful about using it on colored hair! Impure Cassia could lead to undesired coloring effects.

You can get Cassia powder here!*

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7. Don’t use heat on your hair

Image of a black hair straightener

No hair care list is complete without this tip. Limit your heat styling. Ideally, you don’t do it at all!

Don’t fall for all these “heat protection” products. Heat will always damage your hair.

And if you are trying to avoid split ends, you should also avoid heat on your hair. Period.

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8. Cut out split ends regularly

Image of a pair of hair scissors

Cutting out split ends is another thing you can do to prevent your hair from splitting even more. No matter how careful you are, there will always be a few split ends here and there.

When you cut them out, you make sure the splitting doesn’t “wander up” the hair shaft. It will also help to prevent hair from tangling and make sure that you don’t have to rip through your mane when brushing.

With the technique I am showing you here, you can cut out split ends without losing all your length. Try it! But make sure you have a good pair of hair scissors! (You can get some here!*)

Cutting out split ends with cheap scissors will only lead to more splitting instead of preventing it.

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9. Let your hair air dry

The way you dry your hair has a lot to do with hair damage. To avoid split ends, you also want to avoid hot blow drying and rubbing your hair with a towel.

Remember tip number 1? As I said there, wet hair is extremely susceptible to damage. So the best thing you can do to not accidentally create more split hairs is to let your hair air dry.

Bonus points for letting it dry while wearing a silk cloth around your shoulder. This minimizes the friction your wet hair has to endure, as silk is a very sleek and hair-friendly material.

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10. Protect your hair from harsh weather

Ice-cold air or burning hot sun both can wear out our hair structure. And damaged hair splits much easier than healthy locks.

So whenever you deal with extreme temperatures or weather conditions, make sure to protect your hair as much as your skin.

In winter, so-called SLAPS* (satin-lined caps) are a hair-friendly and cute possibility.

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In summer, a hat or a fashionable headband* are quick and easy solutions to protect your hair from the sun.

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11. Eat a diet that’s good for your hair

Image of a cubed apple and a spoon with vanilla powder on it

Eating healthy is the answer to so many problems. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it will also help to prevent split ends.

When your body is healthy and has all the nutrients it needs, it can produce healthy and strong hair. This means a sturdy hair structure, which doesn’t break easily.

While this is no quick fix, this tip will help in all areas of your life. Have a healthy diet and many things in your life will fall into place – not only your hair!

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12. Wash your hair less often

Every time you wash your hair, it means a lot of mechanical stress for your locks. The hair shaft swells from taking in all that water. Some cleaning products strip away the natural oils. And as we’ve noted before, wet hair gets damaged extremely easily.

So it is safe to say that washing your hair is not the most hair-friendly procedure. So try and see if you can reduce the number of times you wash your head. Your hair will thank you for it. With less damage and fewe split ends.

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13. Don’t rub-wash your hair

Closely related to tip number 12 is this one: When you wash your hair, be gentle. When I was a kid and my mom washed my hair, she would rub properly. It might even have been necessary, considering that I liked to climb up trees and jump through the hay.

But how often is your head really that dirty that you need to rub for the dirt to come off? I bet that’s really, really rare. If it happens at all.

Some sweat and talc can be easily washed away by the cleaning ingredients in your shampoo. No rubbing needed.

Rubbing your hair when wet is also a great way to produce hair damage. So to keep your hair healthy and avoid split ends, be careful the next time you distribute your shampoo.

14. Avoid chemical hair treatments

Relaxers, perms, hair color… What do these things have in common? They are all chemical hair treatments that cause irreparable damage to your hair.

We all know one girl with the bleached-blonde beach look – and the severely damaged hair tips. They say everything comes with a price and in this case, it’s absolutely true.

If you want to prevent split ends, staying away from any of those chemical hair treatments is super important.

What are your hair care tips to avoid split ends?

So these are my 14 favorite hair care tips to avoid split ends. I hope this was helpful to you! If it was, please share it with a friend!

Looking for a way to prevent split ends? These 14 hair care tips will give you ideas on how you can avoid split ends!

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