When your hair gets longer, you have more and more possibilities to create sophisticated hairstyles. But sometimes all you want is something quick and simple that looks nice nevertheless.

If you’ve nodded your head reading this, you’ll love the 5 hairstyles I’ll show to you now.

They are made in a few seconds and the best thing about them: You don’t need any hair tools. None, zero, nada. No hairclips, no hair ties, no pins, not even a hair stick! (Although you can definitely enhance the look with a few hair accessories.)

The only thing you need is long hair. As in, properly long hair. Shoulder-length will in almost all cases not be enough.

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The basic “no-tools” bun

All of these hairstyles are based on a single bun, which I already explained once in my “6 quick and easy hairstyles for long hair to do yourself”.

You can make the basic updo like this:

Grab your hair with the left hand as if you were making a ponytail.

  1. Push your right hand with the back of the hand against the base of the ponytail (from below). Let the hair fall over the palm of that hand. Touch the tips of thumb and fingers together to hold the hair.
  2. Now pull it towards the right and up. Your palm should end up facing forward, your hand is still holding the hair. This way your hair forms a loop. You might have to experiment a little bit with the size of the loop. It should be small enough to hold everything in place later, but not too tight either, because this might give you a headache.
  3. Now wrap the tips of your hair around the base in the clockwise direction.
  4. And then you can finally put the leftover hair loop over the bun in the middle. Done!

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This updo works without any ties, pins or hair sticks. But you need to have really long hair for it! Check out the step by step guide to this updo and find out if your hair is long enough already!

One bun, many variations!

This basic bun might not look like much. Even though it definitely does come in handy when you are out in the wind and don’t have any hair ties with you.

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But with a little bit of creativity, this bun can be turned into several cute hairdos that bring some variety into your daily hairstyles.

Let’s look at 5 of them!

The feminine side bun

easy feminine updo

This variation of the basic bun can look cute in everyday life if combined with some feminine clothes. And it would even work for an elegant evening if you don’t want to look too strict.

To make it look more sophisticated, you can let the tips hang out and curl them a little. Those soft curls make it look quite intricate. Even though it’s done in such a short amount of time.

For this hairstyle, you simply make the basic bun on one side of your head, slightly below the ear. Leave a few centimeters of hair out and either style them with a little hair gel or, if you are naturally curly, leave them the way they are.

The trendy top knot

top knot with snapchat filter

Top knots have come to stay. What started out as a simple way to keep our hair out of our faces is now a super popular hairstyle.

When you reach a certain hair length, your hair will simply be too long to do the traditional messy bun. Instead, you can switch over to the “no-tools”-bun and make your top knot without any hair ties.

This hairdo is perfect for combination with hair scarves or other hair accessories.

The cool half-up

This hairstyle is so simple, yet absolutely insta-worthy. Simply part your hair at ear height and use the top part to make the basic bun.

For this variation, you might want to use your fingers instead of the whole hand to create the loop. (See step 1.)

You could even braid the top part like a dutch braid and then simply bun up the “tail”. Get creative!

The quirky space buns

Space buns - an easy updo with 90s flair

Got a festival coming up and need a quirky hairstyle to go with your mood? Try these space buns for a 90s look! You can do them on the fly because you need no hair ties for this.

Simply part your hair in half, like you would for pigtails. And then make the basic bun with each half. Again, for this, you want to make a smaller hair loop with your fingers instead of the whole hand. And that’s it!

If you have a little more time, you could also braid your hair into pigtails first and then bun those up.

The elegant braided bun

If you want to feel a little fancier or need a hairstyle for a fancier occasion, style your hair into this braided bun.

First, you braid your hair into a simple three-stranded braid.

I personally like starting the braid low in the neck, because that’s where I want to make the bun later. But obviously, you can try out different places.

Just keep in mind that wherever you start your braid will be the base of the bun later.

Once you have your braid, simply bun it up like in the steps above. And voila, you have a simple, but elegant updo in less than 5 minutes.

Convenient, huh?

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What’s your favorite of these hairstyles?

Do you have a favorite among these 5 hairstyles? Have you tried them? Let me know in the comments and make sure to pin this to your hair board on Pinterest!

Looking for quick hairstyles for long hair? These 5 hairdos are super easy to make. All you need to learn is one simple bun, which is the basis for all the other updos. But you need to have really long hair for this!