Beach, salty water and brilliant sun – sounds like the dream, doesn’t it? What makes our inner beach babe squeal with excitement is a rather scary matter for our beloved locks. So let’s take a look at hair care for beach vacation.

(If you are wondering how what I know about it: I grew up at the seaside, but have naturally dry and curly hair. So I had to learn a trick or two in order to not end up being a wild frizz ball every day.)

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Hair care for beach vacation: Hair sunscreen

UV radiation affects your hair, just like it does your skin. But unlike your skin, your hair is not “alive”.

So if you prefer a sun-bleached beach look, there is no real need to put SPF sunscreen on your tips.

But (and now come two important buts):

1 – Your scalp and ears definitely need protection from the sun.

An easy way to distribute sunscreen on your scalp is a spray bottle. After spraying some sunscreen on your head, massage it in to properly distribute it. It might look a little oily, but hey: Let’s call it a wet look. Plus, you are going to go swimming anyways, aren’t you?

 If just the thought of sunscreen on your scalp is giving you the crawlies, you could also get a cute summer hat*. I love those and always feel kinda fancy wearing them.

2 – Your hair might get crispier than you like

Even if your locks don’t get a sunburn, the hot sun rays will still have an effect on them. A drying one. For someone who already fights dry and breaking hair, this is not really desirable.

And this is where oils with some natural UV protection come in. You can buy some Jojoba oil here* or go for one of the countless hair sun protection products.

Or, you know. Wear that cute hat.

Hair care for beach vacation: how to protect hair from salt water

Sea salt sprays have been trending for a while. People use them to get that wavy beach hair look.

But during a beach vacation, the salt water becomes less of a treatment and more of a nuisance. Especially for people with already dry hair. (Me me me!)

To prevent damage and dryness through ocean water oil your hair. A lot!

I have pretty long hair. So as much as I lovelovelove Jojoba oil, for this step I usually use something that is not quite as expensive. And most oils will work here, really.

My favorite is Tiki Tiaré Monoi oil, as it comes in some pretty nice and summery fragrances. You can order it here*.

Hair care for beach vacation: avoid frizzy beach hair

Do you know that feeling? You’ve been at the beach, swimming and sunbathing all day. Now you feel super relaxed. Your skin is all tanned and you just want to quickly throw on a sundress and go have dinner as the sun sets. Before leaving you glance in the mirror and – what is THAT on your head? Say hello to the frizz of frizzes!

woman making a very sceptical face

Frizz can come from various sources: dryness, humidity and air movement.

If you protected your hair from sun and salt water like described above, you’ve already done quite a bit to avoid frizz.

But there is one more thing you can do that will make a significant difference!

Wrap your hair!

I know. “What, at the beach, how am I supposed to…?” I felt the same, trying to come up with a solution for this.

But fashion has an answer for us (imagine a drum roll here):

The turban headband!

Letting your hair dry in there will prevent the sea wind from ruffling up your hair and making it all frizzy.

And don’t worry, with the blazing sun at the beach drying won’t take forever.

So, no more excuses, check out the huge variety of turban headbands and get your fashionista hair protection turban now!

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Hair care for beach vacation: after sun hair care

After your beach day, you will probably want to shower off all that sand and sunscreen. It just feels awesome to be all relaxed and clean after a day of sunbathing.

But what to do as after sun hair care?

First, consider if you really need to use shampoo. Maybe a conditioner will be enough to rinse sand and sweat off. Shampoo usually is much harsher than conditioner and leaving it out could give your hair a well-deserved break.

Then, check what your locks feel like. If you followed all the tips above, they should not be extremely dry or damaged.

But if you want to give them some extra care, consider using the LOC method after washing. Especially the tips will benefit a lot from that extra care!

Thank you for reading my tips for hair care for beach vacation. Did I forget any beach hair care tips? Let me know in the comments!

Wondering how to have healthy hair? Well, one thing is clear: You need to protect your hair from damage when you're at the beach! Check out these tips to keep your hair healthy and protect it from the sun! #haircare #healthyhair #hair #beauty #hairtips #tricks
Protect your hair from sun damage at the beach: these tips will help you getting your locks beach ready! #haircare #beach #summer #summerbeautytips

Are you worried about your hair getting sun damaged at the beach? These tips will help you protect your hair from frizzy beach hair! #summerbeautytips #beachbeauty #haircare #longhair #beautytips #frizz

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.