For everyone cares just a little bit about the health of the hair avoiding heat is is super important rule. But this often poses a big problem, too: How should you dry your hair without heat?

Especially if you’re in a hurry. Or if you have a hair structure that’s not that easy to maintain. You might want to shape your hair in a certain way.

Whatever use case you might have: there are definitely ways to dry your hair without heat. Let’s look at them!

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How to dry your hair fast with a towel

Image of a grey microfiber towel

Another very simple way to dry your hair without heat is simply using a towel. Now reading this you might already imagine yourself sitting around forever with a towel on your head.

But actually, if you’re looking for ways to dry your hair fast without heat, microfiber towels can work amazingly well. They work so well in absorbing moisture, in fact, that you might have to limit how long you leave your hair in there. Microfibre towels are so efficient in absorbing the moisture that they can absorb moisture from out of your hair – leaving you with overly dry hair.

But if it’s important that your hair is dry super fast, that’s exactly what you want. So for those cases, definitely get one of those high absorbing microfiber towels*!

How to dry hair straight without heat

If you’re looking for a way to dry your hair straight without heat, you need to learn about hair wrapping!

This is something that cultures, where lots of people have curly hair, have been doing forever. It’s also known as a doobi, I’ve simply gotten to know it as a hair wrap. Either way, it can help you straighten out your hair while drying it, all without using any heat in the process!

I personally usually prefer using this method on dry hair because my results get much better that way. But then again, my hair isn’t really coily-curly. If you have really curly hair, for example, a 4 hair type, you’ll have to use this on wet hair to get good results.

Let it dry like this and then possibly wrap your hair again the other way to get it super straight. You can see in the video below how it worked out for me when doing it on wet hair.

Granted my hair is very long. So it’s a little harder to get it all pulled very straight, which explains the mediocre results in the video. But when I use this on dry hair, my results are great! So I think I just need to improve my technique.

In conclusion: if you want to dry your hair straight without using any heat, definitely give this a try!

Here is a tutorial on shorter hair:

How to blow dry hair without heat damage

Another way to dry your hair without heat is much easier: just learn how to blow dry your hair without heat damage!

Image of pink blow dryer

By now, lots of blow dryers have a setting for cold air or at least lower heat like this one*. So you could simply only use cold air for your hair drying process. It will take you longer to dry your hair, but you will be able to use a blow dryer like you’re used to without creating any damage that you cannot repair.

Letting your hair air-dry

Then, of course, you could also simply let your hair dry naturally if you have the time for it. Basically, you wash your hair and then just let it hang until it’s dry. Easy, simply, no-hassle, right?

Also, make sure to stay away from any draft if you are struggling with frizz. Any air movement or touching your hair will awaken the frizz-monster!

Is it better to let your hair dry naturally?

But is it actually better to let your hair dry naturally? Well, this depends a little bit on your hair. If you have short hair and it will dry pretty quickly then there’s nothing at all to say against letting it dry naturally. You will avoid any damage from using heat, and that’s pretty priceless when it comes to hair health.

But if you have very thick or long hair or you use a lot of product in your hair, which will stretch out the drying process, air drying might actually damage your hair. Keeping your hair wet for too long can cause something called “hygral fatigue”. This basically means your hair structure gets damaged through having to hold water for too long. So in that case, you’re better off using some low-temperature blow dryer for example. (See above!)

Other hair drying tips?

So these are my ways to dry hair without heat. Do you have other hair drying tips or ways to dry hair fast without heat? Let me know and make sure to pin this to your hair care Pinterest board!

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