Satin lined caps are a huge trend in the hair industry.

I personally have used my satin lined cap for a few years now. And I will keep using it because it has made an insane difference for my hair health! And it also made styling my hair in the mornings SO much easier!

Someone who is new to using satin-lined caps might wonder why they’re so awesome, and what kind of cap one should get.

So I want to share my personal SLAP cap review with you today.

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No time for reading all the details?

This is the SLAP I personally use and love*!

What is a SLAP cap?

Ok, quick recap for everyone who is confused by the name. The abbreviation “SLAP” stands for satin lined cap. (Or, in rare cases it could also mean a silk lined cap.) So a cap with satin or silk lining inside.

A “SLAP cap” is technically a satin lined cap cap.

And no, it has nothing do to with the TikTok slang “cap or slap”. (Meaning it’s either a lie or something awesome or something like that, I’m not even sure.)

Why to use it: SLAP benefits

Next, let’s talk about the reasons of why to use a satin-lined cap or SLAP.

What are the benefits of using a satin sleep cap?

Damage protection

One and that’s probably the biggest one is that putting the SLAP hair cap on your hair overnight will protect it from damage.

During the night, you move around a lot. This means, your hair rubs whichever surface it touches constantly!

If you sleep on a cotton pillow, there will be a lot of friction for your hair, which again means damaged hear and breakage! Satin is a much smoother material.

So with a satin SLAP cap, you can minimize the amount of friction your hair has to endure. This also means there’s going to be way less damage to your locks.

Moisture retention

The second benefit of using a SLAP for sleeping is moisture retention. Cotton will dry out your hair. No one wants that.

And especially if you have high-porosity hair or if you’re a curly girl, you don’t want your hair to lose moisture.

You want it to stay sleek and not get frizzy. By using a SLAP overnight, you can minimize that loss of moisture.

Tangle-free hair

Hair rubbing on clothes, getting tangled.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to think about how to style your hair for the night. You can easily just put it in your Slap so that it cannot move around.

This way it cannot tangle. And we all know that tangled hair is one of the biggest culprits of broken ends! Because to untangle it you need to brush through it, which means that quite a few strands will break snap and break.

Looks cute

A third SLAP benefit might be subjective, but I personally think that it just looks cute. Who cannot pull off a cute beanie?!

How to use the SLAP

All right now that we know why SLAPs are awesome, let’s go through a few ways on how you can use your satin lined cap.

Sleep hair protection

So the first and most common way to use a SLAP is to use it to protect your hair during the night. And it works amazingly well!

Buying a SLAP can even save you getting all those soap pillows. (Although those are amazing for your skin as well, so I personally still use them.)


A second way to use a SLAP is for plopping. So if you follow the curly girl method, you want to plop your hair after washing it.

So satin-lined caps are an amazing tool for curly hair, too. Because not only do those caps usually fit all of your hair, they also give you a way of plopping with a super hair-friendly material!

One word of warning though: if you like to plop with really wet hair the SLAP might not be the best curly hair plopping cap. The reason for that is that both silk and satin don’t necessarily deal too well with wetness.

In that case, I’d recommend getting a dedicated plopping cap.

My favorite tool for this is a microfibre hair turban with a button. (Get one here!*) They absorb moisture amazingly well and can be turned into a plopping cap by buttoning them in place. Super convenient!

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Bad hair day

The third way to use a SLAP is probably so obvious that many people don’t think of it: it’s perfect to hide a bad hair day!

You can just put them on and easily hide if your hair just really doesn’t want to cooperate one day.

Hiding baby hairs

Image of a young women with real baby hairs and flyaways

In the same way you can use a SLAP to hide your baby hairs.

Sometimes, when I didn’t really follow my own tips for managing baby hairs and flyaways, they simply go wild. Then, I just put on my SLAP. Done. No one will ever know!

Cold weather protection for hair

And last but not least, another great way to use your satin-lined cap is to protect your hair from cold weather.

Many people don’t know it, but hair is actually pretty sensitive to cold air. Just like your skin.

Everyone knows that you should protect your skin from the cold. You use fatty creams, moisturize well and so on. But most people forget to also protect their hair.

Normal hats are not the best solution for that, as they usually won’t be made from hair-friendly materials.

So to protect your hair and also stay warm a SLAP is the perfect solution!

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Tips for buying your own SLAP

So by now you know all about the awesomeness of SLAPs. If you’re wondering what you should watch out for if you want to get your own SLAP, I have a few tips for you.


The first and most important tip for everyone who has long hair is to check the size. It doesn’t only have to fit your head but also your hair length. After all, the SLAP’s purpose is to protect your hair!

The longer your hair, the more space you need inside of the SLAP to fit all of it.

I usually have this problem with hats. They fit my head but they cannot possibly fit all my hair. So watch out for that!

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The second thing to watch out for is the fit. Ideally, your SLAP has a rubber band in it to actually sit tight.

Or if you really not a calm sleeper, you might want to get one that has a band to tighten it a little more around your head.

For me, I noticed that if I have SLAPs with only the rubber band, it can start to loosen after a few washes. Then, it will start slipping off during the night which can get really annoying.

I usually also sleep with a silk pillow so it’s not that horrible of a thing to happen. But still, I prefer having my hair in the SLAP all night because it’s just untangled and sleek and nice in the morning.


And last but not least, consider getting at least two SLAPs. You’ll need to wash them regularly. So to always have one available for use, having a couple of satin-lined caps at home can be a great idea.

Of course, if you’re new to SLAPs, try them first and see if you like it. And once you know you use it, just get a second one!

Hope you enjoyed my satin lined cap review!

So these are my tips. This is my satin lined cap review and the reasons why I personally love my SLAP.

If this was helpful to you, share it, pin it to your hair board and enjoy your healthy hair!

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.