An important part of my long hair care is to regularly use Cassia powder for hair. Cassia is a plant-based powder, made from the tree Senna italica.

Using this as a hair treatment regularly has helped me immensely to grow my hair to hip length while keeping it strong and healthy. So today I want to share with you what exactly the so-called “neutral henna” can do for your hair. And the exact way to use and apply the Cassia powder.

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Benefits of Cassia Obovata for hair

Cassia is like a natural conditioner for your hair. It will leave your locks shinier, fuller and stronger. Some people also report it helps with their dandruff.

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Basically, it has the same effect as regular Henna, just without the coloring. Nice, right?

Another big plus of Cassia Obovata is the antibacterial and antifungal effect it has. So if you sometimes struggle with scalp problems, regular Cassia treatments could help you with that as well!

Cassia for hair growth

So now you are probably wondering if you can use Cassia for hair growth, right? After all, that’s what we want from most hair treatments.

Well, Cassia itself does not contain any active components to stimulate hair growth. So it won’t magically make your hair grow at double the speed.

That being said it, will still be a very beneficial factor in your journey to longer hair. At least it was for me! Let me explain this a little.

For many people, the biggest problem when growing long hair is not the speed of hair growth. If you are healthy, it will be between 1-2 cm (0.4-0.8 inches) per month. Nothing much you can do about that.

The reason why some people’s tresses are not gaining any length is simply hair breakage. Rubbing on clothes, being dry… There are many possible reasons for your hair breaking off at the tips. And this is something that Cassia helped me with greatly.

Do you know what’s perfect for helping you keep track of your hair growth journey and keep you motivated? The hair planner! It contains quite a few printable pages helping you to grow healthy hair, and most importantly, a monthly check-in page. Check it out here!

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My hair is hip length now, so the tips have seen numerous years come and go. Still, with the strengthening through my Cassia hair masks, they became stronger and more resistant. Thereby my tips break less and my hair can keep getting longer.

Cassia hair dye

While Cassia is also called “neutral Henna” it is not a hair dye like the real Henna. It has one active component though, that might give your mane a slight yellowish tint. On darker hair it will almost be invisible, on blonde hair you might notice it.

Don’t worry about it too much though, because it will wash off. Other than Henna, Cassia does not bind permanently to the hair. One word of warning though: Be careful if you have dyed hair already, the results might be unpredictable!

Cassia Obovata on gray hair

The strongest effect of the gold-coloring component becomes visible when you use Cassia Obovata on gray hair. As the base color is very light, it can easily be changed. Many people try to change their gray or white hair to a golden blonde with Cassia.

As I personally do not have any experience with that, I can only tell you what I heard from other people about it. Supposedly, there will be a golden shine to your hair if you do a Cassia treatment regularly.

It does wash off though and will not have the same effect as a golden hair dye.

My Cassia hair treatment

When I get ready to use Cassia for hair, I first make sure there will be a few hours in which I don’t have to leave the house. (Yes, this is a hair treatment you want to leave on for a few hours!)

Then I collect my ingredients for my Cassia recipe:

  • Cassia powder for hair – get it here*! (about 150 grams or 5.3 oz)
  • hot water (just not boiling anymore, 350ml or 1.5 cups)
  • a few drops of oil

By the way, Cassia has a strengthening effect on your hair, but can also be a little drying, hence the additional oil. I usually use Camellia Seed oil*, but any oil your hair likes will do.

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Now I mix all the ingredients in a bowl until I get a mustard-like consistency. Make sure to work slowly, as the powder starts out quite dusty!

Cassia for hair in creamy form

How to use the Cassia hair mask

Once the mixture has cooled enough, I start applying it with a paintbrush to my hair. This way I don’t get the green cream under my fingernails and can still distribute it evenly.

You want to make sure that all of your hair gets covered in Cassia, but I usually start with the tips. Those need the benefits of Cassia most, after all!

Once you distributed all of the Cassia treatment, it’s time to wrap it up! Wrapping your hair will keep the heat in and intensify the beneficial effects of the Cassia mask. Just make sure to use an old towel, because it will get stained!

So now you will want to know: How long to leave the Cassia mask on my hair?

The recommendation is to leave it on for at least an hour. If I have the time, I actually sit with it for several hours.

Make sure that you have a comfortable place to sit and possibly rest your wrapped head on. This stuff gets heavy! It has actually happened that I had to do a few yoga poses for neck and shoulder relaxation after my Cassia day…

The hardest part of using Cassia for hair

And then comes the hardest part of the whole treatment: Washing it off.

If you have ever used plant-based hair treatments like Henna or Amla* before, you know what I’m talking about.

It will take quite a bit of water and patience to remove all the little globs of Cassia. Some people help it with a little bit of conditioner, some just put their head in a bucket of water and swing it around a few times.

Whichever way you do it, once this last big step is done, you can start admiring your shiny and freshly strengthened hair!

Shiny hair tips strengthened by Cassia for hair

Have you tried Cassia powder on your hair?

Have you tried Cassia on your hair before? How were the results? I’d love to hear from you in the comments and to see you pin this to your hair care Pinterest board.

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Cassia for hair in powder form
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