Headache long hair: How to deal with it quickly

Headache long hairHeadache long hair or happiness long hair? If you have long hair, chances are you love it but at times also hate it. Specifically, you’ve probably had at least one case of a mean headache from how you styled your hair. Those headaches can become a serious problem and I have heard of several people, who cut off all their beautiful locks just to solve this.

Reasons for headache long hair

If it happens more regularly to you there are a few different possible reasons:

  • Either you are naturally more sensitive to headaches (not only from hairdos)
  • you have very heavy hair (very unlikely) or
  • you need to adjust the way you style your hair to prevent those pesky headaches

First of all you want to identify the source of the headache: Is your updo pulling on the root of the hair, this way giving you a fake facelift and causing pain? Does your neck have to do more work than usual, because your updo requires your neck muscles to balance the head in a way different from “normal”? Putting all the weight of your hair in a big bun that is not in the right position will increase your chances of of creating a headache. The same is true for your hair being drawn in a direction other than it’s natural way of growth. If you are unlucky, you might experience both versions and start to think you will just have to abstain from updos… But there are some things you want to try first!

Avoid headache long hair

1. When you put your hair up, make sure the weight is evenly distributed over the head. This way you can avoid forcing your neck muscles to find a new way of balancing. Granted, the Tymoshenko crown is not everyone’s style. If you don’t like the way it looks on you at all, just use it when you are at home and want your long hair out of the way.

2. Make buns close to your head – the more they “stick out” the further away from your natural balance you get.

3. If you love ponytails, but always end up with a mean headache, try the “double tail” variant. First separate a section of hair from the top of your head. Don’t take too little, it should be about half of all your hair. Make a ponytail exactly where you want your final ponytail to be. Afterwards take the rest of your hair, brush it towards the first ponytail and maybe even wrap it around once. Now fix it up with a second hair tie. This way the weight should be distributed a bit better.

girl braiding hair, trying hairdos

4. Make sure you find a good balance between making your hairdo too loose and too firm – both extremes can contribute to your discomfort.

5. For very easy hairdos you can also make it a habit to undo them every few hours and fix them up in a slightly different spot. This way you don’t have the pressure in the same place all day.

6. Figure out which way of styling your hair is the most painful for you. Then do some research to find styles giving you an easier time. If taking your hair straight back is a sure fire way for you to get a headache, maybe try braiding them along the temples and then back.

festive hairdoHow are you dealing with headaches from your hair? Got any tips? Thank you for letting me know in the comments!

6 Tips on How to prevent a long hair headache


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