How creating a morning routine will bring you closer to the life you want

Creating a morning routine sounds like such a sophisticated undertaking. You probably already have a lot on your plate and might feel like you do not want to add yet another thing to do to that never ending list. However, before we dive into why creating a morning routine will get you closer to the life you want, consider this one thing.

Snoozing the alarm in the morning

Everyone has a morning routine

You already have a morning routine. A routine, after all, is only “a sequence of actions regularly followed”. If you get up every morning and brush your teeth, that is a morning routine. Even if you never get up in the morning and always sleep till noon, that is a routine.  A sleeping one, but still a routine. So why is it so important what you do in the morning? I am glad you asked.

Creating a morning routine sets the tone for the day

Do you know the expression “Waking up on the wrong side of the bed”? How you wake up and spend the first minutes of your day has a huge impact on the rest of it. If your morning routine consists of growling at your alarm and slowly doing the bare necessities, your brain learns that starting the day is a bad thing. However, everyone wants to be happy and enjoy their time, right? So beginning your day with activities that you know are good for you and put you in a good mood will positively impact your life quality immensely. By consciously choosing what to put in your mind right at the beginning of the day, you can influence your mood and be happier and more focused on the things that matter to you.

Creating a morning routine with beneficial habits like reading

Creating a morning routine brings beneficial habits into your life

Everyone has areas in their life where they want to improve in some way. Often times those plans for self-improvement go on the back-burner, because we feel like we have to do a huge effort to achieve them. What we forget in those situations is, that improvement does not happen in one single step. Instead, it comes from the things we do every day – our habits.

Imagine you want to drop some weight. (I am using a bit of a cliché here, but stay with me for a moment.) How are you gonna achieve that goal reliably? By doing a one time HUGE effort and going for a whole week without anything else but carrots? Or by repeatedly integrating small, permanent changes to your diet and activity level? It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Let me tell you, the same is true for any goal you want to achieve. You have been wanting to learn a new language for ages? Get an app like Memrise and invest only 5 minutes daily into that goal. It can be done while brushing. Or on your way to work.

By integrating those habits into your morning routine, you can make sure those things really happen. We all know how hard it is to make ourselves do something useful after a long day of work. Life happens – so make sure you are setup in the best way possible.

Woman feeling powerful after creating a morning routine including exercises

Creating a morning routine gives you power over your life

By consciously setting the tone for your day and picking the habits you want to make part of your daily life, you are taking control over your life. Creating a morning routine means deciding what you are working towards. And what you you want to make part of your life. Like Will Durant famously said “We are, what we repeatedly do”. Do you want to be grumpy and controlled by outer circumstances? Or do you want to take control and decide which direction your life should go in?

I learned the difference myself when I actually started having a morning routine. For years I had wanted to start my own business. I had tons of ideas in my notebooks, heaps of dreams and wishes. But life always got in the way, the time was never right. I seemed to never get closer to any of that. All of this, because I made the mistake of waiting for “that one big change”. I didn’t need it. What I needed was to figure out what I actually want to do and how I want to live. And then break it down into the small steps and habits that would bring me closer to that life. One day at a time.

Now, a few months later, I am healthier, happier and closer to achieving my dreams than I have ever been. And I know that every day brings me another step closer. Without any crazy efforts, because the morning routine has become a habit. And we all know that habits just happen by themselves, no more effort required. This works just as well for the good habits as well as the bad ones. So make sure to decide for yourself: Which habits do you want to cultivate?

How Creating a Morning Routine will get you closer to the life you want

19 thoughts on “How creating a morning routine will bring you closer to the life you want”

  1. Morning routines – and all kinds of rituals and routines, actually – are so important in helping us form good habits. The goal is to do those “good” things mindlessly, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. When you do them a certain way each morning, it really changes your life outlook!

  2. I love this, but I’ve found that it’s time for me to have someone to hold me accountable to the habits I’m setting for myself! I do always start a load of laundry first thing in the morning, before anything else, but I’ve had things come up and I’ve lost the other habits I once had. I do use my phone to remind me of certain things, but I need to sit down and review my habits again.

    1. Yes, reviewing your habits regularly is a great idea! Your life changes and so do your routines. Anyways your morning routine should help you, not be a “task” that you also have to do. If you need some inspiration for habits, check out my other post about my morning routine. There I describe all the habits that make my morning great.

  3. I definitely need to improve my morning routine. I keep telling myself what I know I need to do every morning, do it for a few days then lapse. I’m going to get a proper plan in place with small treats and rewards for success and see if that works.

    1. Maybe start with just one good morning habit and stick with that one for 30 days to make it a habit. Only then add another one. That could make it easier to build your own favorite morning routine.

  4. I have to have a morning routine and a set what I am going to do for the day or it makes it super hard to be productive and get moving. It’s always great to be reminded or learn something new. Thanks

  5. I struggle so much with having a consistent morning routine! These are great reasons of why it’s important to have one. Guess I’ll have to be more mindful of creating a morning routine that works for me and my goals.

    1. Doing it consistently simply makes it easier, because this way it becomes a habit. And I personally need it to be a habit, because otherwise I sometimes just go zombie in the morning. 🙂

  6. I was glad to read this post because when everyone talks about morning routines, I think but I sleep until noon or later. That I don’t have a morning routine, yet now thanks to you, it’s not about the time of day, it’s when you get up. Plus the fact that I do have a waking routine, the first thing I do before I get out bed I check my phone. That way I wake up one part at a time, then it’s to the restroom and the day begins. So, thank you I am actually doing something right for once for me.

  7. Great post! It really hit me when you wrote: “Even if you never get up in the morning and always sleep till noon, that is a routine.”. Not that I sleep until noon, but that whatever you continuously do in the mornings IS your routine. I always thought it’s hard to create a great morning routine, but now that I know I already have a routine, I just need to tweak it to serve me better. Thanks!

  8. I struggle with this. I always tell myself I’m going to wake up before the kids and have good routine, but I allow myself to sleep until they wake up and then it’s chaos. It’s inspiring to see that something so simple as a morning routine can make you so much happier in the long run.

    1. Well, getting your sleep is also important. But a morning routine really does make a difference on how you start the day. Do you know Mel Robbins’ 5 second rule? It really helps me to get up when I need a push. (I am not the typical morning bird at all.)

  9. I’m a better person when I follow a routine! It’s been difficult getting into one since having a baby 10 weeks ago, but I know it won’t just benefit mommy. Thanks for the advise! Now it’s time to get up & start making changes!

  10. I don’t have a terrible morning routine, but it’s not ideal either. Some great reminders here regarding what an impact those early minutes and hours can have. Thanks so much for this!

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