One of the nicest feelings in the world is when your house is absolutely clean: Everything sparkles. You have lots of free space. And you feel like you can just rest now. Ahhhhh, so nice!

But it can be so hard to get to this amazing situation! And a super common issue is that we simply cannot get ourselves motivated to start.

Obviously, we know how to clean! But how do we get the cleaning motivation we need? If you are at this point right now, where you’re asking yourself “How can I get motivated to clean?” then this list is exactly what you need!

I’ve used to have the problem that I really didn’t like the state of my home in terms of clutter and cleanliness. And I didn’t know how to find the motivation to clean the house. But just like you, I didn’t stop there and started to look for tools and methods to get motivated.

Let’s look at my tips for cleaning motivation!

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Test new cleaning or decluttering methods

Image of 4 piles of items for different rooms, pink post-its with the names of the rooms written on them under each pile: Corridor, Office, Bedroom and Bathroom

Sometimes it can be helpful to trick yourself a little bit. When you’re just bored out of your mind with the same old cleaning routines over and over again, it might be time to shift your focus.

Instead of focusing on the “clean house result”, make it playful by trying out new cleaning or decluttering methods! For example, I’ve found my personal favorite way to quickly declutter a room by testing my way through different methods I’ve found around the internet.

Our brains evolved to like discovering new things – use that to hack your cleaning motivation!

Outsource the pressure

When you feel like you can’t rely on yourself for motivation, simply outsource that labor: by inviting someone over! Ideally, make it someone who will really create an incentive for you to clean up your act. (Parents or in-laws, anyone?!)


Yes, really, This might not be a quick way to find cleaning motivation, but there are actually podcasts for self-described messy people out there. If it helps for you to find community, feel understood in your struggles to maintain a clean house AND also get actionable tips on how to deal with a cluttered home, check out podcasts like this one.

Get a Roomba

Okay, this might sound like an extreme way to find cleaning motivation, but, honestly, getting a Roomba boosted the cleanliness in my home in two ways:

  1. Obviously, it vacuums. Every day on a schedule.
  2. But more importantly, these little buggers get stuck or swallow all kinds of things. So to avoid that, you NEED to make sure that the path is clear and clutter-free, whenever the Roomba runs. And as it runs daily, you’ll soon develop a daily habit of moving everything that doesn’t belong on the floors.
Image of a grey Roomba with remote control

If you are interested, you can check out Roombas here!*

Start small

Overwhelm is one of the main reasons for procrastination and not being motivated. Thinking about all the things you need to put away and clean can nip any possible cleaning motivation in the bud.

So stop planning. Pick something small. Like, really small. Select one corner of a room and clean that up. Or get a quick win by making your bed. Then go from there.

Forget about perfect

Another thing that will kill any motivation (not only for cleaning, but for anything) is perfectionism. Expecting yourself to get “the perfectly clean house” will make your goal so unattainable that you’Ll rather not start at all.

So let go of perfectionism and simply decide to make things a little better, step by step!

Cleaning motivation videos

I’ve found that it’s an amazing inspiration to watch cleaning motivation videos on YouTube. I’ve discovered these a while back, and there’s just nothing better for my cleaning motivation levels than seeing other people clean!

Most of these videos are time lapsed, so you can really see the progress of the cleaning process – super inspiring!

So if you feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to clean your whole house, just take some time to sit down and watch one of these cleaning motivation videos. You’ll start feeling more and more hyped up for your own big decluttering!

Cleaning motivation music

Another way to help you find motivation to get cleaning is listening to cleaning motivation music.

I’ve been listening to this particular video a lot:

When it’s time to clean, I just put my headphones on, start the video, and get cleaning. This is perfect for those moments where it feels like EVERYTHING is messy around you. So I don’t necessarily think about what I’m gonna do, I just put the headphones on and whatever is closest to me gets cleaned!

If you keep using the same music, your brain will at some point make the connection for you. I’ve been using the video above so much that by now, my brain has made the connection. So when I hear the music, I instantly get motivated to clean!

Set a timer

Do you know the Pomodoro method? It is a way to be more productive in a specified time frame, by simply setting a timer and while the timer is running, you only dedicate yourself to one task.

This can easily be applied to our cleaning scenario. Simply decide on a timeframe, for example, 30 minutes, set your timer and go!

This can help you overcome the feeling of overwhelm. 30 minutes of cleaning sounds much more doable than “cleaning everything”, doesn’t it? Plus, you can easily combine this tip with the cleaning motivation music – once the music stops, you can take a break, too!

Clean home inspiration

If you feel like you don’t even know anymore, what a clean home looks like, you need some room cleaning inspo!

Just look for some clean home inspiration on Pinterest, google for clean home images, or follow some decluttering accounts on Instagram or whichever social media you use mostly filling your feed with images of a clean home always how to get there can really help.

I personally find looking at before and after pictures also extremely satisfying AND inspiring!

Cleaning motivation quotes

If you’re someone who gets motivated by inspirational words, how about looking at some cleaning motivational quotes?

Maybe you even want to pick a few that really inspire you and put them around. You could put your favorites on your fridge, for example, or wherever you need to see them to get motivated!

How to get motivated to clean when depressed

Image of a woman sitting by a window, looking sad

In life, there are situations where it’s not simply about getting motivated anymore. One example of this is the question of how to get motivated to clean when you’re depressed.

In the midst of a depression, cleaning your room can seem simply unfathomable. And truth be told, when you’re depressed, cleaning your room is probably not the biggest priority either.

Make sure to take care of yourself first! And if you feel like a cleaner room would help with your depression, start really, really, really small.

Find one thing you can put away. Do that. And then be proud of yourself! that even though you’re fighting depression, you managed to do something else on top of that, too!

However, please do not put pressure on yourself to clean when you’re in the midst of a depression. You wouldn’t expect anyone to perform a full cleaning routine if they had broken their foot, would you? Anyone with depression deserves the same understanding.

Develop good cleaning habits

We all know that the fastest way to a decluttered house is to just not have too much stuff in the first place. For me, the Konmari method made a giant difference.

And then the second important thing is to just have good cleaning habits. I found that part of good cleaning habits is to have a daily cleaning routine.

Image of a grey-haired man and a blonde boy wiping a wooden floor together
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

This daily cleaning ritual can be super small. For example, it could just consist of making sure the dishes are done and there’s nothing on the kitchen counters. Or you could make sure there’s nothing left on the floor when you go to bed if that’s a big reason for clutter in your household.

Whichever area of your household is the biggest reason for clutter, make that the center stone of your daily cleaning ritual.

First of all, this will be motivating to also do the “big cleaning”, simply because it makes it so much easier. Maintaining things on a small scale is much less overwhelming than tackling everything at once.

And your brain will get used to a nicer environment, which, too, will help immensely with your cleaning motivation!

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.