Do you know what’s amazing about longer hair? Being able to make the cutest hairstyles for any occasion!

As Easter is quickly approaching, I looked for inspiration by browsing through countless tutorials for Easter hairdos. And, as usual, I picked only the best ones for you!

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1. Easy updo for your Easter brunch

This hairstyle is perfect for looking chic at your Easter brunch without spending hours in front of the mirror. And surprisingly, it is quite easy to do!

2. Easter hairstyle for egg-hunting with long hair

Long hair could easily get in your way while egg-hunting. So the best strategy is a braid, isn’t it?

This braid looks super intricate and will definitely get you some marveling looks. But in spite of it looking so sophisticated, it’s actually quite easy to do.

The only braiding you need to do for this is simple 3-strand-braiding on the small braids. Then, you do the rest of this hairstyle with the “pull-through”-technique, which is super easy.

3. The 1-minute French twist with a hair stick

If you go to church for Easter, don’t worry anymore what you’ll do with your hair. Simply do this 1-minute french twist! A French twist always looks elegant, and it fits any occasion.

The tutorial above has been around for many years, and it keeps being helpful. No commentary needed!

If you only have one minute for doing a quick updo, this hairstyle will be your savior. Just make sure you have your hair stick handy!

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4. Cute Easter Hairstyle with a lace braid

I love lace braids! They make the plainest of hairstyles look super cute and intricate. And when following this tutorial from Missy Sue, they aren’t even that hard to do!

She really explains it in an easy to follow, step-by-step kinda way. So even if you haven’t done a lace braid before, after this tutorial, you’ll know how to do it!

In my opinion, this lace braid ponytail is perfectly suited to show up in your Easter photos. Or in any pictures, for that matter.

5. Quick Easter braid

For some reason, this rope braid reminds me of a basket. As in, Easter basket. You know, those braided baskets? But I disgress.

Once again, this is a super easy Easter hairstyle that you can do in a few minutes, but that looks really chic.

The start of this braid is really simple and will give you some nice volume at your hairline. It gets a little trickier at shoulder height with all the twisting in several directions. (You’ll see in the video.)

If that part gets too complicated for you, you could simply finish the hairstyle as a classic 3-strand-braid.

6. Easter half-up half-down hairstyle

Of course, we cannot talk about Easter hairstyles without throwing some half-ups in the mix!

Doing it like it’s shown in this tutorial will leave you with a super elegant looking half-up hairstyle.

You will need a few bobby pins to do this. I personally don’t use bobby pins much, as my thick wavy hair seems to just eat them up. But if you do, and you are one of those people who seem to always lose their bobby pins, there is a solution for this!

Get yourself one of these cute, decorative hairpin magnets* and never worry about losing your bobby pins again. (I kinda want to get it just because I love the idea so much. But, oh well. I’ll stick to my hair sticks.)

7. The half-up Hair Bow

Speaking of bobby pins. My inability to work these little pesky things is probably the only reason why I’ve never done the classic hair bow.

(Seriously, if anyone can teach me how to make bobby pins work on thick, stubborn hair, send me a message!)

Anyway. The half-up hair bow is a reasonably easy, cute Easter hairstyle. And it can be done last minute before the egg hunt, too!

8. A really easy 6-strand-braid

Braiding with more than 4 strands is usually quite advanced and needs some learning time.

This 6-strand-braid, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to do, and will definitely fulfill its role as a cute Easter hairstyle!

9. Boho-chic messy buns (work on long hair!)

There cannot be a compilation of hairstyles without the boho-chic messy bun! Not even one for Easter hairstyles!

Usually, these tutorials focus on middle-length hair. This one, though, is a messy bun tutorial for long hair. Asha shows 3 variations of the popular hairstyle.

Which one is your favorite Easter hairstyle tutorial?

Alrighty, this is it. Which of the hairstyles will you be wearing this year? Or do you have some other ideas? Let me know in the comments!

And, as usual, make sure to pin this to your favorite Pinterest board!

By the way, I compiled all of these easy Easter hairstyle tutorials into a convenient playlist for you on my Youtube channel. You can find it here!

Looking for some Easter hair ideas for women? These 9 tutorials show you how to get cute Easter hairstyles in minutes!

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.