Hair accessories like hair ribbons have been a huge trend recently. And honestly, combined with the right outfit they suddenly don’t look like a children’s accessory anymore. But as usual with fashion statements, some of these hair accessories look so quirky, they are not really suitable for your usual office environment.

I have been so fascinated with this trend, I actually went and made a list for you with 20 crazy hair accessories I wouldn’t wear to work!

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Oversized hair bows*

These big hair bows* were all over this summer. I wonder if Sia started this trend?

Anyways. As fun as they are as a fashion statement, for most jobs, these hair accessories would probably rather seem unfitting.

Shiny cat ears headband*

Who needs a Snapchat filter when you can just wear crystal cat ears* in real life? The seller advertises this headband as “bringing a feminine touch to your favorite look this season.” And it will definitely look cute! But not quite the right look for working in a corporate office…

80’s style lace hair bow*

Oh, how the 80’s are back! This headband* comes with an oversized black lace hair ribbon on top. Perfect for any motto party, but not so much for a “serious” environment.

Black rose hair clips*

If you are feeling either really fancy or looking for some goth vibes, this hair clip* can definitely help out with that! But I would definitely feel weird wearing this to work.

Creepy hair ties with eyes*

These hair ties* are perfect for your next Halloween party. Creepy and super easy to use. But unless you generally go for a creepy fashion style, they probably won’t become part of your daily attire.

20’s style flapper headband*

I am low-key smitten with the look of this flapper headpiece*. It clearly channels the Roaring Twenties look and I would definitely wear it for the right occasion!

But imagining showing up in the office like that? Uhmmm, no thanks!

Golden head chain with drop pendant*

While this head chain*definintely has a very nice boho style to it, I have a hard time picturing Linda from accounting wearing it when presenting last month’s numbers.

Honest question: Does anyone wear those chains other than for pictures? Anyone? Just asking for a friend with curly, tangly hair who needed external help to get rid of her head chain. She is fine now, thank you.

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Headwear for unicorn lovers*

This unicorn headband* marries the unicorn trend with the revival of headbands. Could you use it as a photo prop for a children’s birthday? Sure! But I bet you that festival season will also see a lot of golden horned unicorns dancing around.

What are your favorite crazy hair accessories?

Do you wear any of these types of crazy hair accessories yourself? Or do you know of others I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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Need some hair inspiration? What about these crazy hair accessories? You can wear them as a fashion statement or to motto parties, but probably not into the office...*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.