The best time of the year is coming! Naturally, I’ve been browsing Christmas hair ideas for a while. And I’m happy to say that I’ve compiled a nice, little list of the best Christmassy hairstyles for this year for you. Enjoy!

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A pretty Christmas eve hairstyle

For Christmas Eve I personally like to style my hair rather a little more elegant than usual.

A really quick and easy way to do that is this pretty French roll updo. You’ll need quite a few bobby pins for this Christmas hairstyle.

Image of a mint green bobby pin magnet

So as usual when talking about these types of hairstyles, I’ll suggest you do yourself a favor and have your bobby pin magnet* handy!

Christmas party hair

If you want to wow everyone at the next Christmas party, this Mermaid hairstyle will let you do that without too much effort.

It’s perfect for curly girls, as it makes use of our natural structure and it doesn’t require a lot of braiding or hairstyling skills either.

So it’s one of those Christmas hairstyles for long hair that looks pretty impressive, but won’t take you hours.

Christmas morning hair

Now, this Christmas hairstyle is a little more casual but still cute. If you need a Christmas hairstyle that’s really easy, this one will work for you!

Simply follow along with the video, create the half-up hairstyle like Loepsie does, and decorate it with some Christmas hair accessories. In the video, she uses a silver ribbon, but really anything you like will work!

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Festive Hairstyle for Christmas

Another easy way to style your hair for Christmas is this effortless, romantic updo.

Lilith creates the hairstyle on shoulder-length hair in the video, but continues giving tips and ideas for people with longer hair, too.

Even though this hairdo definitely looks festive, you don’t need any special skills to create it. Just patience and looooots of bobby pins.

Again, if you don’t like going crazy jumping after falling bobby pins, I really recommend getting the magnet*. Consider it an early Christmas gift to yourself!

Christmas hair updo with a twist

If you’re looking for a last minute idea for an elegant Christmas hairstyle, this twisted updo might just the thing for you!

I personally love twists in all kinds of hairstyles, as they are pretty easy to do, but do look quite fancy.

And while it takes me longer than 3 minutes to recreate this updo, it doesn’t take half an hour either. Just try it!

Intricate Christmas hairstyle for long hair

Alright, for this hairstyle you’ll definitely need to plan a little more time. It’s one of these Christmas hairstyles for long hair that really makes your mane shine!

And look at the end result? Isn’t it gorgeous?! Even though it takes quite some time to create, it’s not actually difficult to do.

With this hairdo you’ll definitely be the star of any Christmas party or picture!

Christmas tree hairstyle

Last but not least, what would a list of Christmas hairstyles be without the obligatory Christmas tree hairdo? It’s probably the most famous (or infamous?) holiday hairstyles for long hair.

This version uses a pull-through braid to create a tree-like shape. Then you can decorate it with christmassy hair accessories.

Got some more Christmas hair ideas?

Was that enough Christmas hair inspiration for you? Or do you have any more ideas for festive hairstyles?

Let us know in the comments and make sure to pin and share this!

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.