Preparing for Christmas can be super stressful. Buying last-minute presents, cooking, and baking, cleaning the house and writing Christmas cards.

All of this can make it hard to find time to actually get some quality time in for yourself. After all, you want to look cute in those Christmas pictures! In my opinion, the best way to get there, are some cute Christmas hair decorations.

To make at least some of your holiday preparations easier, I compiled a list of the prettiest Christmas hair accessories for you. You simply need to pick and order!

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Fancy hair clips*

These fancy hair clips* have been making the rounds on Social Media recently. So why not take this Instagram trend and put it under the Christmas tree?

You can order your Christmas hair clips here*!

Star hair clips*

Stars and Christmas go together like new year’s eve and the countdown – you can’t really have one without the other.

So what better things to put into your hair then some star hair clips?

Image of a blonde woman wearing golden, star-shaped hair screws

Well, to be exact, these cute little Xmas hair accessories* are tiny, star-shaped hair screws. And I think they look super cute!

Buy them here!*

Christmas headband*

Image of 3 red and green Christmas headbands with little snowflakes on them

Still looking for a Christmas headband for the office party? These Christmas headbands for adults* will definitely let you stand out!

They’re discreet enough to work in a non-family environment, but thanks to their coloring and pattern definitely fall under the category of Christmas-themed hair accessories.

Order them here*!

Christmas hair scrunchies*

Clips are not the only way to decorate your hair festively. How about using these holiday-themed hair scrunchies*?

Image of 20 red, Christmas-themed Hair scrunchies, in 4 rows of 5 scrunchies each

Scrunchies have been trending as part of the 90s revival, so why not go with the trend with these christmas hair bands for adults?

They come in several Christmassy patterns and make every braid look more festive.

Get the Christmas Hair Scrunchies here*!

Christmas hair bows*

Hair bows aren’t just for little kids anymore. In fact, they have been one of the biggest trends in hair accessories recently!

So why not make use of them this Christmas?

Image of 16 Christmas hair bows

There is no shortage Christmas hair bows online. The ones pictured above are super easy to use, as they are clip-on.

Find them here*!

Reindeer hair bow for adults*

Reindeer hair bows are a good old staple when it comes to Christmas hair accessories. So if you are looking for some cute holiday hair bows for adults, look no further!

Image of a festive reindeer hair bow with brown antlers and a red bow tie on top of the headband.

These reindeer antlers are perfect for Christmas events or simply a few pictures for the good old ‘gram.

Buy them here*!

Snowflake Hair clips*

Want to go for a winter look instead of focusing on the holidays only? Then these snowflake hair pins* will work for you!

Image of 10 silver snowflake-shaped hair pins

Their silvery shine will upgrade any holiday outfit and you can easily reuse this hair accessory whenever you want to cosplay as Elsa. What’s not to love?!

Get the snowflake hair pins here*!

Shiny Snowflake Headband*

Another snowflake-themed hair accessory is this shiny snowflake headband*.

Image of a black headband with silver, snowflake-shaped ornaments

It will add some sparkle to your outfit and you can easily repurpose it for the New Year’s party!

Order it here*!

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.