It’s time to get ready for the big holidays! And, if you know me, you know that this means it’s time to talk about that Christmas hair!

Recently, hair clips have been all the rage. And I get it: they’re super easy to use, and easily upgrade a simple ponytail to a picture-worthy style. So today, we’ll have a look at fashionable Christmas hair clips to wear under the tree this year!

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What are those hair clips called?

Firstly, we need to get a little bit of vocabulary out of the way: you’ll see me using the words “hair clips” and “barrettes” interchangeably. “Barette” is simply the French word for hair clasp.

It could mean either a simple clip or a bar with a stick used together to hold your hair in place. Or to simply make your hairstyle look fancier.

Can adults wear barrettes?

For many of us, thinking of hair clips means thinking of childhood and comic-figure hair clips in funky colors. But, since the 90’s have come back into fashion, all kinds of hair clips for adults have been made available.

You’ll see examples below, as I’ve made it a point to collect Christmas hair clips for adults here.

Okay, enough theory, let’s get started!

Large pearl hair clips*

Pearls upgrade any look to make it seem more festive. So even if you don’t have much time to style your hair for the holidays, these clips will make a great impression!

You can order them here!*

Sparkly snowflake hair clips*

Snowflakes fit in perfectly with our holiday theme. After all, snow and Christmas simply go together, don’t they?

And with these elegant silvery snowflakes, they’re now available as hair clips for adults, too!

Get them here!*

Unusual Christmas hair clips: branches*

You know what the good thing is about being an adult? You can get away with bold fashion choices!

These hair clips could be one of those. They mimic tree branches. Does that scream Christmas? Not necessarily. But they will definitely upgrade any Christmas hairstyle .

Keep in mind that they’re a little unwieldy to use, as the branches will not bend to adapt to the shape of your head.

You can buy these hair clips here!*

Festive hair claws*

Okay, okay, hair claws are not clips, strictly speaking. But, I just had to show you these when I found them:

You get several elegantly shaped golden hair claws here. And, before you tell me that your hair is too long or thick to work with hair claws, please consider the amazing half up.half down hairstyles you could make with these!

Grab them here!*

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Giftwrap hair clips*

If you’d like a pop of color when it comes to your Christmas hair clips, you’ll love these giftwrap- inspired barrettes!

Personally, I’d only use one at a time, because mixing the colors would be a little much for me. But, of course, that’s completely up to your own personal preference!

You can get the Giftwrap hair clips here!*

Understated Christmas hair clips*

Speaking of something being too much: with these golden hair clips, you’ll be going for the exact opposite. If you prefer minimal looks of understated elegance, get these sleek, golden hair clips and combine them with a chic Christmas hairstyle!

Oh, and the best thing about these: they are so versatile, you can easily use them at any other time of the year, too!

Buy them here!*

Geometrical golden barrettes*

When it comes to versatility, these golden barrettes will offer great possibilities as well!

To me, gold stands for festive and therefore also for Christmas. But you could use these just as well for any party throughout the year.

A thing to keep in mind if you consider ordering these: they might be a little heavy for fine hair. However, if you have a little more hair to hold, these clips will be perfect for you!

You can order them here!*

Liked these Christmas hair clips for adults?

If you found value in this list, please share it with someone else! Thank you and have great holidays!

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*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.