Thanksgiving is one of the occasions where you want to look a little extra nice, isn’ it? Still, we don’t want to spend hours on our hair when there are so many better things to do with our time.

So I’ve found you a few cute and super easy Thanksgiving hairstyles for long hair. Check out the step by step tutorials below!

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Cute thanksgiving hairstyles for curly hair

You know I’m a curly girl myself, so I’ll start out with a couple of festive styles for curly hair!

Easy Chignon for curly hair

The first one is this easy Chignon. Naturally, you could also do it with straight hair, but the curls are what makes this look so irresistible!

For this undo you’ll need a hair tie and bobby pins. Depending on your hair length, you might need a lot of them.

And, unfortunately, if your hair is really, really long, this might not work too well for you. Try it out!

Half-up half-down Thanksgiving hairstyle for curly hair

Got very long curls? Then this style is going to look amazing on you!

It’s also really quick and easy to do and let’s your hair speak for itself – my favorite kind of Thanksgiving hairstyle!

Crown braid (3 ways)

Okay, so far we’ve been looking at pretty easy Thanksgiving hairstyles. Now let’s make it a little more challenging:

For this look, you’ll need to braid. Quite a bit, actually. This is NOT for you if you hate braiding on yourself.

Ideally, you have someone helping you with this. But, with practice, this can be learned, too.

Topsy tail braid

Got frustrated trying that crown braid? I feel you! Let’s do something easier now: this topsy tail braid is REALLY easy to do, you won’t need any help with it, and it’s going to work on any hair type!

The only downside to it is that it needs quite a few hair elastics, but let’s be honest: Thanksgiving isn’t every day!

Voluminous braid

You know what always looks great on long hair? A big, beautiful braid!

No matter your hair structure, this is a super simple, yet impressive Thanksgiving hairstyle. All you need is some really simple braiding skills and enough hair length to make a nice voluminous braid!

Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail is great for anyone with long and thick hair. I know, naturally voluminous hair can make some other hairstyles really difficult. But for this one, it’s actually an advantage!

Do keep in mind that this hairstyle basically is a high ponytail. So if you have a tendency for long hair headaches, try all the tricks to prevent that!

Rope braid updo

Rope braids are really amazing to create gorgeous hairstyles without having to braid. But, make no mistake, it still requires some coordination to create this beautiful rope braid flower on the back of your head!

If you manage to pull it off, you’ll likely have the prettiest hairstyle at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

This tutorial shows the steps very well, however, there is no spoken guidance here. Watch carefully!

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