Winter season comes with a special set of challenges for your haircare.

Freezing temperatures outside and dry, heated air inside really put stress on your locks. But, of course, there are quite a few things you can do to make the best of your hair care in winter season.

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Dry hair care in winter

The biggest problem for most people is the infamous winter hair dryness.

The best thing to combat this problem, is to avoid anything that will dry out your hair additionally. This means ditching the heat styling whenever possible.

Another tip to avoid too much dryness is to not wash your hair with hot water. Just make it lukewarm or only as warm as you need to still be able to bear it.

Also, try washing less often. If you wash with shampoo, now might be a good time to consider switching to a conditioner wash instead.

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In any case, do deep conditioning treatments regularly. I’ll list some home remedies below, but you could also just buy a good deep conditioner*.

Make sure to use it every time before you wash your hair.

Generally, you will want to look at more oil-based products to help you moisturize your hair. Your hair loses a lot of moisture due to the extreme temperatures. So try oiling your hair tips daily and make use of leave-in conditioners.

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Oily hair care in winter

Unfortunately, dry hair isn’t the only hair care problem in winter.

There’s also the opposite problem: while the lengths get super dry, the scalp gets super oily…

Image of a woman looking at her scalp in the mirror

The reason for this is that your scalp “feels” like everything’s drying out and it’s trying to protect you from that!

So to stop that, the first step is making sure the skin on your scalp is moisturized well. This way, you tell it that it doesn’t need to overproduce sebum.

You could, for example, use some aloe vera gel* on your scalp. You can put it as a mask every time before you wash your hair.

Another thing that will help, is to eat a healthy diet without too many saturated fats.

And if you really struggle with a super oily scalp, you might want to consider not wearing a hat too often because this will make the problem worse.

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Static hair in winter

Speaking of hats: another super common problem is static hair in winter.

I bet you know that situation: every time you take off your hat, your hair comes out static, making you look like the cliché of an eccentric scientist.

The reason for the increase in static hair in winter is dryness, but also the friction between hats and your hair. A great way to reduce this problem is to get a satin- or silk-lined cap (“SLAP”)*.

If you need help picking the right one for yourself, you can read my review of a SLAP here. Or, if you’re crafty, simply line any hats you already have with silk or satin.

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Hair care in winter with home remedies

Last but not least, let’s talk about a few home remedies you can do to support your hair in winter.

Homemade winter hair mask

Image of a shiny braid, words written across read:"The ultimate hair mask for dry hair"
Click to read all about my favorite DIY hair mask for dry hair!

My favorite homemade hair mask for dry hair consists of three simple things:

  • your favorite conditioner
  • some honey
  • some aloe vera gel

Mix all of these together and coat your hair with it. Leave it on for at least half an hour, then wash it out.

This will moisturize your hair and make it shiny again.

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Winter hair oil

Then we have probably the simplest of the winter hair care home remedies: hair oil!

Another simple way to moisturize your hair is to just coat it in some nice hair oil and possibly let it soak in overnight.

A nice heavy oil for this would be olive oil, for example. Just mist your hair with some water and coat it in olive oil.

Wrap it really tight in an old towel. Use one you don’t need anymore because heavy oils don’t wash out well. Leave it on for an hour or even overnight. Just make sure to protect your pillow!

You can do this about once a week.

DIY fruit masks for winter hair care

Another super easy homemade remedy you can do for your hair in winter is a fruit mask.

Image of half an avocado for a homemade face mask for dry skin

Simply mash a banana or an avocado until they’re nice and creamy and coat your hair with this. To make the application easier, you can mix it with some yogurt or conditioner.

You’ll notice how your hair will feel moisturised and less dry after this treatment.

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Got any more winter hair tips?

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