How to make a Homemade hair mask for dry hair

What better time than winter to take the ingredients for my favorite homemade hair mask for dry hair out of the cupboard! As it really brings awesome results, I want to share the recipe with you today.
During winter time my hair tends to be especially dry. Inside the heated air dries out skin and hair, outside I am wearing cute caps and hats. Cute for me – but not for my curls! They get frizzy, dry and so dull! In those winter cases, my homemade conditioner with MSM or my Cassia for hair treatment are not enough anymore. Luckily, my hair mask recipe for dry hair only needs 3 ingredients, is mixed in 1 minute and has never failed so far to give me back that shiny look everyone wants for their hair.

My winter braid after homemade hair mask for dry hair
My winter braid after the homemade hair mask for dry hair – no filter!

How to make the homemade hair mask for dry hair

As I said above, you will only need three ingredients:
– 1 part honey (ideally liquid already, otherwise warm it up a little bit in a double boiler)
– 1 part Aloe Vera gel (fresh is awesome, but the drugstore version works just as well)
– 2 parts of your favorite conditioner (I use a silicone free moisturizing conditioner, but also here any should do)
Just mix those together. You should get a creamy consistence.

How to use the homemade hair mask for dry hair

Conveniently, it is not only a hair mask for dry hair, you can also use it directly on dry hair. (Ha, see what I did there?) I usually apply it 1 – 2 hours before I wanted to wash my hair anyways. This way it has some time to soak in. Even after half an hour you will already see a result though! Once I massaged the mask thoroughly into my hair, I wrap a warm towel around it and then put an old winter hat on top. This will keep the mixture warm, which not only increases the effects of the mask. It also prevents the honey from getting hard again in case you did not use a liquid variant. And that is pretty much it already!

Let me know if you tried it and how it worked for you! (I am pretty convinced you will love it.)

Homemade hair mask for dry hair

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