Where I live winter is a dark, long, cold season. And this means, it’s the time where it’s especially important to take good care of yourself. Make sure that you have little specks of light in your day, or at least in your week. So, I’ve made a list of ideas on how to take care of yourself during winter.

This is obviously not exhaustive, so let me know if you have other good ideas! But for now, let me share my self-care ideas for winter with you.

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Favorite hot beverage

Of course, we need to start by drinking something hot and tasty! No matter if you prefer hot chocolate or any warming tea or if you’re on a diet and you want to make a low carb chai. (I have a recipe for that here!)

Whichever drink you choose, make sure to drink lots of fluids that warm you up from the inside.

I’ve actually read a study once, where researchers found that simply holding a warm drink creates warm feeling towards others! And we can all use a little more love in the cold season, can’t we?!

DIY beauty stuff

Image of hands, one is putting a drop of homemade hand cream on the back of the other hand

I’m not sure why, in my head, DIY beauty stuff is such a winter activity. Maybe it’s because this is when we usually make presents for other people? Or it is because we spend so much time inside and we need to keep ourselves busy somehow?

Whatever the reason, this is when I usually start playing with natural ingredients to try and make some DIY wellness recipes at home.

In recent years, my trials amounted to this easy homemade face mask for dry skin in winter, or this warming lotion for cold hands. Really, there are sooo many things you can do!

For more ideas, you can either check out my DIY beauty recipes, or you’ll find lots and lots on my Pinterest board for everything around homemade beauty!

Pamper your hair

Heating air and also the cold air outside: both of them can really take a toll on our locks. If you already have a, uhm, difficult hair type like me, the result can be challenging, to say the least.

There’s lots of static. Hair gets really, really dry. And frizzy! So it does need some extra care in the winter season.

As we’re home anyway, this is the perfect timing for extensive hair oiling, masking, and so on. Splurge on your mane!

If you’re a little unsure where to start, I have a whole list of tips for winter hair care here. Check it out!


Image of a woman with curly hair wearing headphones, her eyes are closed and she seems to enjoy what she's listening to

I used to be too impatient for audiobooks. But recently, especially during all the lockdowns, I really discovered how amazing they can be!

You can listen to them during housework. Or while you’re sitting on the couch, or while drawing, or whatever keeps your hands busy. You can listen to them for falling asleep. There are just so many moments made better by audiobooks!

Also, there’s something about someone reading a story to you that makes you feel all cozy and cared for. And this is why I think it belongs to the list of winter self-care ideas.

If you’re not on the audiobook train yet, you can try Audible Premium Plus for free and Get Up to Two Free Audiobooks*. Check it out here!*


Obviously, electric lights are much safer than candles. And we all probably have them around anyway. At least the ones of the ones of us who celebrate Christmas.

Stil, there’s something about real candles, especially if they’re scented that just makes me feel like I’m safe and cozy. And it just really enhances to my mood. Is it just me?

Honestly, the best way to use candles in your winter self-care routine is to combine them with a nice bath. (I have lots of ideas for DIY bath salts here if you need some inspiration!)

Long walks in the cold

A couple hugging in the snow

Now, hear me out on this one.

I know it can be super hard to make yourself go outside in winter. Especially if you live in the city and the outside is not all that pretty anyway. Definitely not pretty in winter.

I know, I can relate. I live in the center of a big city, and it’s not nature, you know…

And still, getting a little bit of daylight is really important for your circadian rhythm. So, do go outside and enjoy the happy hormones you’ll get from the movement.

Once you actually get going, chances are very high that you’ll actually enjoy the experience! Just make sure you dress very well. (And mask up, okay?)

My favorite hack that actually led to me really enjoying daily long walks: Just putting on my headphones and listening to audiobooks while walking briskly. (Told ya these audiobooks go with everything!)

My favorite right now is “The monk who Sold His Ferrari”.* I’m loving this book so far. Really recommend it for some feel-good inspiration!


The Cobra Yoga pose: Fix your posture by stretching your hip flexors

I might be biased because I’ve been doing yoga forever, and I am a certified yoga teacher. But, in my opinion, any self-care ideas list that does not have Yoga on it is just not quite complete.

For me Yoga is just a really important part of how to look after yourself not only in winter, but all year round. And you’ll find yoga classes for every mood, every need, every everything you’d want to do.

If you’ve never taken the yoga at home and don’t quite know how to get started: Here is a whole beginner guide that explains how to get your yoga home practice started!

I really recommend it. Give yourself that gift!

Jigsaw puzzles

Just like the candles,for me, jigsaw puzzles just belong to winter time. They simply remind me of childhood and all those winter indoor activities. Obviously, now I’d rather choose motives and difficulties for grownups. (Mostly. Haha.)

Again, this is an activity I personally would combine with an audio book or a nice podcast.

But even without any audio support, there’s just something meditative about doing a jigsaw puzzle. If you haven’t done one since childhood days, I dare you to try it!

You can get an insane variety here!*

Lip care

Image of someone applying lip cream with one finger

Oh my! Dry, cracked lips have been with me for so many winters. Now that I’m older and a little wiser, I finally figured out what works for me.

And that’s lots of winter lip care, both DIY and from the drugstore.

My favorite chapstick of all times is this one.* It’s the only one that works amazingly well for me and does not make my lips “addicted”, if that makes sense. It moisturizes them sustainably, so I don’t even need to use it often. You can get it here!*

If you don’t want to buy this or it’s not available to you, or you simply prefer homemade things, I really recommend trying these DIY beauty tips to combat chapped lips. They work really, really well! And you probably have the ingredients in your cupboard anyway.

Liked these self-care ideas for winter?

Now this is a short list. Of course, I could add many, many more. If you need more, check out my giant list of 75 simple self-care ideas for a happy, balanced life.

But I still hope this gives you a few ideas or at least inspiration to feel comfortable in winter, get cozy and enjoy the season, even if it’s dark and cold.

Enjoy pampering yourself, you deserve it! And make sure to share this with someone who could also use a little self-love this season!

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.