Does it feel like your hair isn’t growing at all? And somehow it never looks healthy, shiny and bouncy? Then you might want to update your hair care routine a little bit! Check out the 16 most common hair care mistakes to avoid!

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1. Brushing hair when wet

The first of the common hair mistakes is brushing your hair when it’s wet.

When your hair is wet, it is the most vulnerable to mechanical damage. Brushing it in this state can easily cause hair breakage and split ends. Unfortunately, many people do it because it feels easier to brush your hair when it’s wet.

Ideally, all the brushing and combing happens before you wet your hair.

If you feel it is impossible to detangle your hair when it’s dry, make sure to put a lot of conditioner in it. And then detangle it very carefully using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb made out of a hair-friendly material. I personally always recommend wooden hair tools.

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2. Using heat styling every day

Are you straightening or curling your hair every day? And yes, also blow drying your hair on a high temperature falls under this category.

This is one of the hair care mistake people make because they think they have no choice. But believe me, you do!

Even if you don’t have much time in the morning, you can set your blow dryer to a lower temperature. If you are struggling with frizz, there are tons of things you can try that have nothing to do with heat.

Curling your hair or straightening it? You can do both without heat. Just check on Youtube!

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3. Washing your hair every day

Image of water splashing down

Another hair care mistake is to wash your hair every day. Even if you use the best products in the world, washing your hair is a lot of mechanical stress for your poor locks.

Simply the swelling when taking in water and then returning to its natural state is a lot of work for your hair. And unless you have really short hair, this can have a negative effect on your hair structure in the long term. It’s called hygral fatigue.

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4. Shampooing all your hair

Did you think we’re already done with the common hair washing mistakes? Nope, there’s another one!

Another mistake when washing your hair is to shampoo all your hair. The only place to put shampoo is your scalp! This is where the sebum is produced. So really only there is a harsh cleaner like a shampoo necessary.

Ideally, you even condition the lengths of your hair, before you apply and rinse out the shampoo. This way they are protected from the more aggressive chemicals.

5. Brushing your hair with plastic bristles

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A brush with plastic bristles is one of the worst things you can use for your hair. Plastic is really bad for our environment. But plastic bristles have another huge downside: they can damage the hair cuticle, causing tiny little tears in your hair.

In short: definitely one of the hair mistakes to avoid!

I’ve said it above already: Wooden hair tools are the way to go. Do yourself and your hair a favor and get rid of that old plastic brush!

6. Not protecting your hair while sleeping

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This one is super easy to fix, yet one of the most common hair care mistakes: not protecting your hair during the night.

If you don’t have a silk pillowcase yet, get one now! You can easily order one order one here*!

A lot of the damage to our hair develops during the night. If you sleep with loose hair on cotton pillows, you are making a very common hair care mistake.

While cotton seems so soft and friendly to us, to our hair it is rough and damaging. Especially when we toss and turn in our sleep.

The easiest solution to this is sleeping on a silk pillow and putting your hair in a top knot overnight.

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7. Washing hair with hot water

Similar to using heat for styling your hair, washing your hair with hot water is a common hair care mistake.

But heat is heat and damages your hair structure, leaving you with dull and lifeless hair. So when you hop in the shower the next time, turn the water to lukewarm before you let it run over your hair.

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8. Applying shampoo in a circular motion

One mistake that gives you tangled hair and might also lead to increased breakage is to apply shampoo in a circular motion. While it might feel super satisfying and as if you are “properly cleaning” your scalp, it is not even necessary.

Instead, opt for gently spreading the shampoo over your head, following the natural direction of your hair. It will thank you for it!

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9. Using shampoos with harsh ingredients

Another common hair care mistake related to washing your hair is to use aggressive shampoos. Unfortunately, most shampoos contain harsh tensides and other ingredients that will strip away too much of your hairs’ natural protection.

Try to avoid those shampoos and opt for healthy hair products instead.

10. Towel drying your hair

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Yep, not even the good old towel is safe!

Remember how we said that wet hair is especially sensitive? Now think how that hair in its delicate state gets rubbed forcefully with some microfiber towel…

Ideally, you let your hair air dry. If that is not an option, at least make sure to minimize the mechanical damage that happens during the drying process.

No rubbing, promise?

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11. Not moisturizing your hair

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Only shampooing your hair and otherwise not nurturing it is a surprisingly common hair care mistake.

Few people are aware that hair is not “alive” material. It doesn’t get any nutrients from your body once it grows out of your scalp. Think of it like something made out of wood.

If you had a wooden table, would you let it regularly get wet and clean it with harsh chemicals? And then afterward do nothing to groom the wood a little? I think you would at least put a few drops of oil on the tabletop, wouldn’t you?

Your hair is pretty similar to a wooden table. In the sense that some oil and some protection from drying influences can go a long way in keeping it flexible and supple.

Use that conditioner! Use that hair oil*! You will have many more good hair days because of it.

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12. Eating an unhealthy diet

Image of half an avocado for a homemade face mask for dry skin

Ha, did you really think there would be a list without a reminder to eat a healthy diet? In all seriousness though, what you eat has a huge impact on your hair health.

Vitamin deficiencies can lead to weak and brittle hair or even to hair loss. And if you don’t get enough protein in your diet, you can’t expect strong and shiny hair either!

So yes, eating an unhealthy diet is not only a lifestyle but also a hair care mistake. If you need some more input on how a diet for healthy hair could look like, you might want to check out my tips for a healthy hair diet!

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13. Not protecting your hair from the elements

When it gets cold and frosty outside, we put thicker creams on our faces and wear thicker clothes. In the heat of summer, we slather on sunscreen. But what about our hair?

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake to forget about protecting their hair from the influence of the weather. But extreme temperatures and scathing sun can do lasting damage to our locks.

So from now on, make it your rule to give your hair some love, too. No matter if it’s at a beach vacation or during the height of winter.

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14. Not cutting out split ends regularly

A hand holding hair scissors, hair wrapped your hair around a finger, split ends sticking out.

While I don’t think that you need to chop off length regularly (it is one of the 5 main reasons why your hair is not growing!), getting rid of split ends is a different topic.

Split ends tend to multiply. So to keep your hair healthy and looking good, make sure you get them cut out regularly. And yes, there is a way to do it at home, without losing all your length.

15. Wearing damaging hairstyles

You’ve probably heard of protective hairstyles. Those are hairdos that protect your hair from damage. But there is also the opposite: damaging hairstyles.

One of them is to wear your hair loose every day. This leaves your hair unprotected and will give you a lot of breakage and split ends.

Another way in which hairstyles can do damage to your hair is when you wear your hair tie in the same place every day. For example a high ponytail. Where the hair tie usually is, you will soon notice way more damage than in other places.

So change your hairstyles up every now and then.

And consider using Invisibibobbles (get some here!)* instead of rubber hair ties. They give your hair a little more wiggle room, which decreases breakage.

16. Using harsh chemical hair treatments regularly

Last, but not least, one of the easiest to avoid hair care mistakes: harsh chemical hair treatments. Getting a perm or bleaching your hair is extremely strenuous for your mane.

It changes your hair structure and leaves you with damage that you cannot repair. You can only slowly trim it out as your hair grows, and try to support your weakened hair structure with some protein on your hair.

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Are these hair care mistakes part of your hair care routine? If you want healthy hair growth, you might want to check out these hair care tips!

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