If you’re interested in hair care in general and faster hair growth specifically, chances are, you’ve read about the inversion method for hair. It promises to help grow up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair length in a week! Just to put that into perspective: that’s how much your hair usually grows in a month, under good circumstances!

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s find out!

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What is the inversion method for hair?

The inversion method for hair growth is a technique that has you massage your scalp with oil and hang your head upside down to grow hair faster. It is not a medical treatment, and it’s not clear where it originally came from. Let’s just say, it originates from the internet.

How to do the inversion method for hair

Time needed: 4 minutes.

To try out the inversion method for hair, you’ll need two things: your favorite hair oil and a place to sit.

  1. Invert

    Sit down, and let your head hang between your knees, so that it’s lower than your heart.

  2. Massage your scalp

    Put a little oil on your fingertips and massage your scalp gently for about 4 minutes. If you feel a lot of pressure in your head or start feeling dizzy, stop immediately!

    Even if you feel fine, make sure to get up slowly once the time is up.

    Image of a woman sitting on a couch, letting her head hang below her heart line, a red line is showing where the heart line is

  3. Rinse & repeat

    Do this daily for a week. Unfortunately, this means also washing your hair daily for most hair types. Just make sure to use gentle ways of drying your hair without heat to avoid damage.

How often to do the inversion method

So now you know how long to do the inversion method: 4 minutes each day, for one week daily. Let’s say you like the result and now you want to know how often you can repeat this?

People on social media and discussion forums recommend to do it monthly. For example, every first week of the month.

Which oil to use

Theoretically, you can use any hair oil for the inversion method. If you already know which oil both your hair and your scalp deal well with, you can just go with that one.

Alternatively, you can pick one of the oils that have already been proven to have a positive effect on hair growth, for example, peppermint oil*, black sesame oil*, and lavender oil*.

If you decide to use an essential oil, make sure to dilute it though. You don’t want to end up irritating your scalp! I recommend using a lightweight carrier oil like jojoba oil*.

Can you do it without oil?

You can also try the inversion method for hair without oil. We’ll look into how exactly the inversion method could stimulate hair growth in a minute. But I can already tell you that oil doesn’t seem to be the only way this technique could help.

So if you either don’t have oil available or you simply don’t wash your hair every day, you can still follow the same steps as above. Massage your scalp anyway, just leave out the oil application.

Does the inversion method really work?

Alright, now let’s get into the question that we all really have about this miraculous technique: Does it actually work?

The answer is, unfortunately, kind of “meh”. We don’t know for sure. So far, there haven’t been any scientific studies on the inversion method. So we don’t know if all the hanging is really necessary.

What we do know, though, is that at least some parts of this methods could very well be beneficial for hair growth.

How does it work?

There are a couple of ways the inversion method could help stimulate hair growth.

Let’s talk about that scalp massage first! This study shows that massaging your scalp can lead to increased hair thickness. This doesn’t really mean your hair will grow faster with the inversion method, but it might grow thicker.

Image of a brown bottle of lavender oil

If you use oil, this could also help with hair growth. Not all oils have been studied well yet. But for peppermint oil, black sesame oil, and lavender oil, we already have studies showing that they can lead to increased hair growth.

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A warning

Image of a woman with a warning sign as a face

While it might sound harmless to try some internet technique for faster hair growth, hanging upside down can actually be risky. It will increase your blood pressure and might make you dizzy.

So be super-mindful if you try this technique, and don’t do the inversion method while pregnant, if you have high blood pressure, or other underlying conditions. I cannot give medical advice, so if you have just the slighted doubt if this is safe for you, please ask your doctor about it!

Either way, you can still massage your scalp with or without oil, just leave out the inversion.

Happy experimenting!

I hope you have more insight into the inversion method for hair growth now. Enjoy experimenting with it! And make sure to share this with someone!

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