Do you know this frustrating feeling? You just finished cleaning everything, and still, your home smells a little funky?

I have experienced this more often than I care to admit. No matter how much we tidy and wash. Unless it smells nice, it doesn’t feel clean.

What if I told you that there is one little thing, that will make a significant difference in “home fragrance”? And that it doesn’t take any extra effort? Just cleaning as usual, with a tiny modification?

Why am I even asking? Of course, you would use it!

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Reasons why your home smells off

When it's messy like this bedroom, your home smells.

We all know that a messy room will smell. Unwashed clothes or dishes, animal hair, and food scraps all develop interesting flavors in very short amounts of time.

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So we wash and clean and take out the trash. We also open the windows regularly.

But bad odors can linger much longer. They seem to attach themselves to everything around. To fabrics, to furniture, even to the walls!

Unfortunately, the worst ones are usually also the most persistent ones. So what we need to do is to “overwrite” the bad smell with a good one.

What is a good smell?

Ideally, a good smell is super persistent but doesn’t damage our respiratory system. (Chemical-bomb room deodorants, I’m looking at you!)

I usually really watch out to not use harsh chemicals and stay as natural as possible with my cleaners. Conscious cleaning, you could say. Oftentimes this also means that the cleaners won’t have this strong “clean” smell that we are looking for.

But you know what smells amazing and is actually good for your mood and everything? Organic essential oils!

Which essential oil should I use?

Now you just need to decide which essential oil is your favorite. I personally love orange flavored oils like this one*!

It is supposed to have a brightening effect on your mood. For me it definitely does, but I love the smell of oranges. Maybe some people out there don’t. (Is that even possible?)

Anyways. Essential oils are a great way to improve room fragrance. You probably know about diffusers and all those things.
And those things are great! (Look, this one* is BPA free and everything!)

But in a case like ours, where our home smells even after cleaning, diffusing a few drops of essential oil might not be enough.

Instead what we want to do is to distribute little amounts of our favorite essential oil everywhere. On the floors, on the furniture, in our laundry.

Didn’t you say this doesn’t take extra effort?!

Now I can hear you think. “What is she talking about, she said it’s a tiny change, I don’t have time for this!”

Don’t worry, I am not telling you do make this an extra task.

Think about it: You already clean all these things! All you need to do is to “infuse” your cleaning tools with the essential oil of your choice.

Simply make your cleaning tools the smell distributors!

A cleaning mop infused with essential oils to make sure your home smells amazing!

Drip some oil on a paper towel and vacuum it up. Bam, your vacuum cleaner smells amazing now and will distribute that fragrance throughout the house! Every time you use it!

Put a few drops of essential oil into your washing machine into the fabric softener compartment. Laundry deodorant here we come!

All the mops and wiping cloths you use – put essential oil on them!

I am using a Roomba at home. And whenever I send it off to wipe the floors, I make sure the little mop gets a few drops of essential oil. This is especially effective if your cleaner doesn’t smell so great. (Remember what I said about natural cleaners?)

And you know what would be the very best solution? Simply replace your cleaners with essential oils altogether! You can learn all about using essential oils for cleaning here.

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Basically, add some drops of essential oil to every washing or cleaning activity you do. It takes only 5 seconds to add it. (I checked.) And you do the cleaning anyway. But now, it will seriously make a difference in how your home smells!

Try this cleaning hack and let me know how it works for you! Or do you have a different one? Let me know in the comments!

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Looking for ideas to make your home smell good? Check out this cleaning hack to have a good smell in your house all day long. #cleaningtips #cleaning #hacks
Want your house to smell good? This cleaning tip makes sure that your home smells amazing after cleaning, without any chemical air freshener! #cleaning #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.