Orange juice and peel as ingredients for the DIY body spray recipeAs we are closing in on christmas, I want to tell you about my DIY body spray recipe with orange. Oranges remind me of childhood winter evenings, when my Dad would bring the big basket of oranges and start peeling them for us kids. Telling us how especially in winter it is important to get your vitamin c. While this body spray won’t do anything regarding you vitamin intake, it will give you a nice scent of orange. And who doesn’t love to smell good?

DIY body spray recipe: The ingredients

As usually with my recipes, this DIY body spray recipe only asks for very few ingredients. After all, the less ingredients something has, the higher the probability to have everything needed at home. Also, way less risk to have any intolerances to one of the ingredients. For your orange body spray you only need the following things:

  • 2 teaspoons of natural salt
  • 100 ml (or 3.4 oz) of water
  • half the peel of a Bio-orange (You want to use Bio, so the peel is chemical free!)
  • 1 teaspoon of juice from that orange (Now you can eat the rest, got some vitamins after all!)

How to make the DIY body spray

It almost seems ridiculous to me to give this step an extra heading. Seriously, this recipe is so easy and quick. All you need to do now to create your DIY body spray is to finely grate the orange peel. Then you can mix it with all the other ingredients. Ideally do that in a lockable container, so you can shake everything well. Once you feel everything is mixed enough, filter the liquid through a fine strainer. Then you can put it into a spray bottle. Aaand you just finished making your body spray! Easy-peasy, right?

You can just spray your whole body after showering with this spray. The salt-water-mix will refresh your skin and the orange will leave a gentle scent. And all of that for a few cents and done in 5 minutes!

If you are not planning on using your body spray every day, consider storing it in the fridge. There you can store it for up to 3 months. If you plan on storing it at room temperatures, make sure to use it up in the next two weeks.

DIY body spray recipe with orange