How to quickly declutter a room: My favorite way

Something everyone needs from time to time is advice on how to quickly declutter a room. Because let’s be honest here: Things always collect in places where they don’t belong. And most people do not want to spend most of their hard earned weekend tidying.

So what we need is a very efficient way of dealing with this. I have found a method that works extremely well for me and cut my tidying time easily in half. Let me tell you how it works and why.

Want to know my favorite tip on how to quickly declutter a room? Between this before and after are only a few minutes!How to quickly declutter a room: Set yourself up for success

For this method to work you need to be consequent with yourself. There is one major rule: Do not leave the room, before you finished tidying! No, not even to bring stuff that doesn’t belong in this room to its’ rightful place. If necessary, lock the door.

This will first of all increase your efficiency exponentially. No quick interruptions, no making yourself a tea in between or starting to tidy another room. Just you and a crystal clear focus.

Second of all, it increases your motivation to get stuff done quickly. Locking yourself in a room gets old pretty quickly and at some point you will probably need to use the bathroom.

How to quickly declutter a room: Categorize

The next step is the actual tidying. Cleaning up your room mostly means putting things back into the way were they belong. For all the things that belong into this room, this should be easy and quick. For all items that belong into another room, simply make a pile.

The corner of shame before I declutter this room: Full of papers, clutter and things that belong somewhere else.Let me show you the process on the “corner of shame” in my living room. This one seems to always clutter up in minutes. Don’t judge. I know it looks horrible. But without it, how would I show you the efficiency of this method?

Piles of items for different rooms: Corridor, Office, Bedroom and Bathroom
Items to go to Corridor, Office, Bedroom and Bathroom

Go through this process for the whole room. Keep going till the room is completely tidy short of those piles for other rooms. ONLY then start taking them to their dedicated places.

Pat yourself on the back

The corner of shame after decluttering. Free space!
Less than 10 minutes later!

By now your room should look significantly different. And by avoiding to run to another room every time you find something that should go there, you should have finished it much quicker, too! How does it feel? Pretty nice, huh? Pat yourself on the back. And go make yourself that tea, now that you are finally allowed to leave the room!

If you liked this decluttering tip, it would be awesome of you to share it with someone else! And let me know how you declutter! Do you even need to? Or have you perfected the Konmari method of tidying already and no decluttering is needed anymore? Let me know in the comments!

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