Have you been using benzoyl peroxide for a while now and loved the results? And then, all of a sudden, is the benzoyl peroxide not working anymore? I’ve had that problem, too, when I was struggling with my hormonal acne.

At first, I thought I would have to start the search for a product all over again. But then I discovered one tiny change that made my BPO work again.

To be honest, I should’ve known this “trick” from the start. Everyone who read the package insert should’ve. But since you are here, reading this now, I figure you might’ve skipped that part as well.

So let’s get to it.

How does Benzoyl Peroxide work?

There is a multitude of benzoyl peroxide products out there. BPO face wash, body wash, and creams. I personally have only ever used benzoyl peroxide gel and it did a fantastic job.

Benzoyl peroxide works topically only. This means, it doesn’t go through your skin and changes anything “down there”. It simply fights acne-causing bacteria on the surface.

How does it do that? It uses oxygen to kill the bacteria. Killing off the bacteria doesn’t make your blemishes disappear instantly. There might still be some inflammation going on.

This is where the second effect of BPO comes into play. BPO can also have a drying and peeling effect. This way blemishes and excess skin go away quicker.

Can you become immune to benzoyl peroxide?

A broken heart with the writing "game over" - this is how I would feel in the case of benzoyl peroxide not working anymore

The fact that BPO works only on the skin’s surface also means that you cannot become immune to it. No matter how long and how often you use it, the oxygen will always work on killing acne bacteria.

If your benzoyl peroxide seems to lose effectiveness, something else is the reason.

This doesn’t mean, that your acne can’t get worse though! It is important to understand, that BPO cannot heal you from acne!

It works topically to reduce bacteria, but it cannot cure your acne. Simply because it cannot work on the reason why you have acne in the first place!

Always make sure to treat the reasons for your acne first. BPO is for the symptoms.

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Then why is my benzoyl peroxide not working anymore?

So we covered one reason why it might look like your benzoyl peroxide is not working anymore. It might be that your acne simply got worse.

But we will assume, that it didn’t. Everything is still the same. Your lifestyle, your stress level, your hormones.

Still, it seems like your BPO product is losing effectiveness every day.

You know what the super-logical reason for that could be?

Your benzoyl peroxide went bad!

Benzoyl peroxide is very sensitive to both temperature and moisture. Guess where most people keep it? In the bathroom…

The bathroom is the worst place for your benzoyl peroxide products.

Easy solution for benzoyl peroxide not working anymore

So here is the super easy solution for when it looks like your benzoyl peroxide is not working anymore. Simply store it in the fridge!

This way all your benzoyl peroxide products will not go bad. Instead, they keep their active ingredients.

So easy, right? And like I told you, it even says to store it cool and dry in the package insert…

Try this and let me know if it works for you!

Do you feel like your BPO products are not working anymore? That might be true, but not because your skin got used to it. Find out how to make sure your BPO products can keep helping in clearing your acne! #acne #bpo #skincare