Sometimes we are focused on ourselves too much. And we forget that one of the best ways to be happy is actually to make someone else happy. To remind you (and myself!) of this, I made this list of 31 ideas on how to make someone happy!

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How do you make someone else happy?

Not quite convinced yet that it’s so easy to make someone happy? Well, you cannot solve all of someone’s problems. But you can definitely make someone smile. Make someone’s day, even.

You will be most successful in making someone else happy if you know their love language.  Our love language is a natural preference for receiving positive signals from others. Meaning certain things make us happier than others. Don’t worry: These work even if you don’t have any romantic interest in that person.

To make it easier for you, I broke the ideas to make someone happy down into the love languages. So you can pick the right love language to make this person happiest. Or, if you don’t know their preference, just pick an idea from each!

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Make someone happy with Acts of service

make someone happy with acts of service

Acts of service can be anything that includes putting in some kind of effort for the person.

1. Cook for them

Find out what kind of food they like and create that meal for them.

2. Do the weekly shopping

Take the act of having to do the weekly shopping off their shoulders.

3. Get them a hot drink

I know, everyone immediately thinks of coffee. Just make sure they do drink it. (I know surprisingly many people who don’t drink coffee at all!)

4. Get them a sweet snack

That time in the late afternoon when everyone needs a pick-me-up? Get them a snack before they even realize their craving.

5. Help them with something

Everyone always has something lined up they should do. But dread. Help them with their thing.

6. Tidy up for them

If you have access to their apartment AND you know they would appreciate this, tidy and clean up for them.

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Make someone happy with Quality time

make someone happy with quality time

Quality time means – well, you know what quality time is, right? Focus on them, make sure they have a good time. And don’t get distracted by your phone constantly!

7. Ask about their day

Make someone happy by asking about their day. With interest.

8. Be their accountability buddy

Show interest in their goals or challenges and keep asking how it’s going and how their progress is.

9. Do their favorite hobby with them

That thing they always want to do but you don’t like so much? Do it with them and put on a happy face. It’ll make their day!

10. Give some good advice

Think thoroughly about what they are facing right now and give some good advice.

11. Or simply listen

Or even better, simply listen to them and show that you understand what they are going through.

12. Join for whatever they want to do

Let them decide what they feel like or need to do and simply tag along.

13. Make them laugh

Tell them jokes or watch something funny together.

14. Go dance with them

Shake out it in your favorite club!

15. Smile at them

The power of a smile. Works for everyone at all times.

16. Spend focused time with them

Dedicate time to spend it with this person, without doing anything else or thinking of work or other things. Just be there with them.

Make someone happy by Giving gifts

make someone happy by giving gifts

Giving gifts doesn’t necessarily mean buying jewels. These people appreciate having something they can see, touch or use to remind them of your appreciation.

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17. Buy them a coffee. Or cake.

The next time you are going for a coffee with this person, simply pick up the whole tab.

18. Get them a little something the next time you go to a store

Even if you just go to the grocery store, you’ll probably find something they like. A specific tea maybe?

19. Get them flowers

Classic. Many people like getting flowers. And even if this person doesn’t, they’ll probably still appreciate the gesture and you’ll know better for the next time.

20. Hide little surprise notes around

Make someone happy by sliding little happy notes into their wallet, car, or sticking them to their mirror.

21. Make them a care package

Go hunting for a collection of self-care items, bundle them up nicely and give them to this person.

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22. Make them a playlist

Use Youtube or Spotify to create a playlist with songs for this person.

Make someone happy with Words of affirmation

3 women in a social situation: having a friendly conversation and laughing

If you want to make someone happy whose primary love language are Words of affirmations, go for verbally expressing something positive about that person.

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23. Give them a well-thought-out compliment

Consider what this person is proud of or aspires to be. Give them an honest compliment on this.

24. Encourage them

Make someone happy by telling them encouraging words and supporting them.

25. Send them a nice surprise message

Make someone happy over the phone by sending them a nice surprise message.

26. Remind them of all their accomplishments

Make a list of accomplishments of this person and send it to them.

27. Compliment or thank them publicly

Maybe write a public post about them on your Facebook or Instagram. Or compliment them in front of your friends.

28. Tell them how much they mean to you

Think about what makes this person special to you. Then tell them.

Make someone happy with Physical touch

A couple hugging in the snow

This one is the hardest to do because it can easily become inappropriate or uncomfortable. So if you are planning on using any of these ways to make someone happy, make sure that your relationship with them allows this!

29. Give them a backrub

Sometimes all you need is a good old backrub!

30. Give them a good, firm hug

Show them how much you care by giving them a proper bear hug.

31. or pat them on the shoulder

Or show them your respect by patting them on the shoulder or the back.

Wondering how you can make someone happy today? Here is your answer! 31 ideas to make someone happy today!
Need some ideas on how you can make someone else's life better? Look no further! This list of 31 tips tells you exactly how you can make someone else smile today!

*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.