High porosity hair has very specific requirements when it comes to hair care. As the cuticles are raised, this type of hair is very prone to damage and needs the right hair care regimen to regain some strength.

Unlike with low porosity hair products, you can’t simply go for specific ingredients and hope for the best.

Instead, you need to combine specific products the right way and do regular treatments to make your hair the best that it can be.

Let’s look a little more in detail at the products that will help high porosity hair, and when and how often to use them!

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High porosity hair care

Before we dive into the specific types of products you’ll need for your high porosity hair care regimen, you need to know a few general things to look out for.

With high porosity hair, minimizing (additional) damage is key!

No heat

Stay away from heat at all costs. Forget about “heat protectants” and stuff like that. Your hair can’t deal with it. Unless you really like the “fried” look, you simply want to avoid all kinds of heat. Even the water you wash your hair with should be lukewarm. Not hot.

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No more “sleep damage”

Absolutely protect your hair in the night. Get a satin or silk pillowcase*, wear a bonnet or a Slap* or simply wrap a silk cloth around your hair before going to bed. Whichever variant you choose, all of these will help your hair retain moisture and avoid friction that can lead to additional breakage.

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Alright. That needed to be said. Believe me when I tell you that these things will make a significant difference in your hair health!

Let’s move on to your ideal high porosity hair care regimen!

The ideal high porosity hair care regimen

Ideally, your hair care regimen for your high porosity hair contains pretty much everything:

  • regular deep conditioning to moisturize your hair
  • monthly protein treatments to help fill the “holes” in your hair structure (unless you have any signs of protein overload!)
  • after a wash rinsing your hair with anything that closes the cuticle layer like an apple cider vinegar rinse or simply ice cold water
  • using sealing oils on damp hair to “lock in” the moisture

High porosity hair products to get you started

Alright, so now you want to see actual products you can get, right?

To get you started, I picked a few high porosity hair products you can easily get online. Test a few and find out what works for you!

Testing is not optional here. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the best products for high porosity hair – it’ll depend on your own hair type!

Shampoo for high porosity hair

With high porosity hair, you want to use gently cleansing shampoos. A good example for this is the Shea Moisture High Porosity Moisture Seal Shampoo*.

It’s sulphate free and color safe. Hint: Color safe is a good keyword to look for when you’re looking for a high porosity shampoo. It means, that the shampoo is not “stripping” too much!

You can order the Shea Moisture High Porosity Shampoo here!*

Deep conditioner for high porosity hair

Image of two containers of Shea Moisture deep conditioner for high porosity hair

High porosity hair greatly benefits from regular deep conditioning treatments. A good deep conditioner for high porosity hair is the Sheamoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque*.

It contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients that will help beat dryness. And, it is curly-girl approved. So all followers of the curly girl method can absolutely use it!

Get the Sheamoisture deep conditioner here*!

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Protein hair mask for high porosity hair

For most high porosity hair types, regular protein treatments are extremely helpful. Just make sure to not overdo it. (If you need a refresher, find more information on your hair and protein here.)

The Arvazallia Fortifying Protein Hair Mask* is a real protein bomb.

It contains hydrolysed wheat protein, and different oils.

However, if you follow the curly girl method, you might wanna pick a different protein mask, as this one also contains silicones.

Get the Protein Hair Mask here*!

Heavy sealing oils for high porosity hair

To seal in the moisture after a wash or after applying Aloe Vera gel* on your hair, you want to use sealing oils. For most high porosity hair types, this can be a rich, heavy sealing oil. Sesame oil* would absolutely work, but I personally prefer cocoa butter. (I know, it’s not really oil. It’s fat. It works.)

You can absolutely get raw organic cocoa butter* and use that, or you can order a pot of Palmer’s cocoa butter*.

I use their cocoa lip balm* and looooove it! Smells great, and gives me the plumpest, best-moisturized lips ever! I can only imagine what their stuff does to high porosity hair!

High porosity & fine hair: products to keep it light

Yes, there is such a thing as thin high porosity hair. And it’s tricky!

If you have fine hair with high porosity, you’re facing a double challenge. Not only do you need to deal with easily damaged hair, but all the treatments can also weigh your fine hair down.

So while the general tips for a high porosity hair care regimen apply to you, you might want to opt for slightly different products.

Image of a bottle of jojoba oil

First of all, when it comes to sealing oils and creams, you don’t want to go for the heavy options like cocoa butter. Instead, choose a light sealing oil like jojoba oil*, almond oil*, or grapeseed oil*.

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When it comes to conditioners, you also want to opt for products that are not too “buttery”.

Image of a bottle of Silk 18 conditioner for high porosity hair

A good example of a lightweight conditioner without silicones and sulfates is the Silk 18 Conditioner* by Maple Holistics. It still contains proteins, helping your hair structure. You can get it here*!

Did these tips help your high porosity hair regimen?

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