Are following the curly girl method or want to get started with it? In that case, you probably already know how finding the right, curly girl-approved products can be a real pain.

Luckily, there are ways to make the search easier: blog posts like this one and curly girl product checkers! So you’ll find lists of curly girl approved shampoos, conditioners, gels, and oils below. And I’ll also explain to you how you can tell for yourself if a product is curly girl-approved or not!

How do you tell if a product is curly girl-approved?

To find out if a product is curly girl-approved, you’ll need to check the ingredients. (For the rundown on which ingredients are considered problematic for curly girls, read more here!)

Unless you are really well-versed in chemistry, chances are, you don’t know all the names of silicones, sulfates, and so on. So a super handy solution for this are curly girl product checkers.

I love to use the tool over at You can simply paste the ingredient list of whichever product you’re interested in, and it tells you in detail which ingredients are okay and which are not.

It will even give you additional information on ingredients like proteins, which are curly girl approved, but might pose problems for someone with protein sensitivity.

If that sounds like too much work, just have a look below and check out my list of curly girl-approved products!

Curly girl-approved shampoo

Lots of followers of the curly girl method go “no-poo”. This means, they don’t use any shampoo at all. And still, there are just as many people using a curly girl approved shampoo to get that clean feeling. Some are also simply looking for a clarifying shampoo.

Whichever one you’re looking for this list of curly girl approved shampoos will give you a great place to start!

Curly girl-approved conditioner

Image of some blonde, wavy hair with the text "curly girl approved conditioners" written across

Conditioners are easily at the center of the curly girl method. You use deep conditioners before washing. If you do co-wash you’ll also need a cleansing conditioner. And then there’s the leave-in conditioner to keep your curls bundled and moisturized until the next wash.

So picking the best CG conditioner for yourself is essential to seeing success with the CGM. This list of curly girl approved conditioners will give you a good selection!

Curly girl-approved gel

Image of a curly woman, the text "Curly girl-approved hair gels" written across

Learning how to use gel to style my curls was one of my biggest aha-moments! Only for this, it was worth it to learn the curly girl method. No more bushy, shapeless hair! Finally, my curls clumped together and even had some shine!

Unfortunately, most hair gels out there are NOT curly girl approved. So keeping this list of curly girl approved hair gels updated is a lot of work – but really worth it! Definitely check out my favorite!

Curly girl-approved hair oils

Probably easiest to find, but nevertheless important to talk about when it comes to curly girl approved products: hair oils! Using oils in your hair care is a must for anyone who wants healthy hair. But for curlies, it’s even more important!

So have a look at this list of curly girl approved hair oils and pick your favorite!

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