Hair oils are a super important part of curly hair care. They help moisturise your locks as oil treatments or help in keeping frizz at bay.

For anyone who follows the curly girl method though, checking ingredients is always part of selecting new products. With oils, it’s definitely easier, as you can simply use pure oils.

But every now and then, we just want to treat ourselves to a fancy hair oil with a mix of ingredients. To make the shopping easier for you, I created this list of curly girl-approved hair oils. Enjoy!

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Curly girl friendly hair oil

If you’re looking for a nice smelling, curly girl friendly oil for every day, try this rose multi-use oil*! Let’s be honest, some oils don’t work as a leave-in just because of the smell. You won’t have that problem here! It literally smells like roses!

It contains a mix of different oils and literally smells like roses, as it contains rose petal flowers.

You can order the rose multi-use oil here*!

Mizani Miracle Nourishing Hair oil*

The Mizani Miracle Nourishing hair oil is super often used by hairstylists to make their client’s locks more manageable. If you are interested in using it at home as well, rejoice! This hair oil definitely works with the curly girl methods, as all of the ingredients are curly girl-approved!

You can get the Mizani Miracle Nourishing Hair oil here*!

Light oils for curly hair

Not all curly hair is thick and dry. So if you have finer curls that get weighed down easily, you might be looking for some light cgm hair oils.

Products with almond oil or jojoba oil will work well for you.

Hairfinity Botanicals Hair Oil*

The Hairfinity Botanicals hair oil is a good example of a light oil mix for curly hair. It contains jojoba and almond oil, among others, and there are no harmful ingredients.

(Just ignore that they’re calling it a growth treatment, that’s not how hair growth works. Still worth it to include it on this list of curly girl-approved hair oils!)

You can order the Hairfinity Botanicals hair oil here*!

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US Organic Moroccan Argan oil*

I personally looooove argan oil when I’m looking for a light hair oil. Light oils will moisturize without weighing down my hair. So if you don’t mind using a pure oil, I can really recommend using organic argan oil like this one from US Organic*!

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Castor oil & curly girl method

Castor oil is not only known as a trick to make your eyelashes grow thicker. It is also one of the best oils for curly hair if you need some heavy deep conditioning. While it can be a struggle to wash out, castor oil has amazing benefits for dry hair. So if you are looking for a good oil for an oil treatment for curly hair, try this one!

Just make sure to not use it on its own! It should always be mixed with a carrier oil to avoid irritation and to make usage easier. And, be sure to wash regularly with a clarifying shampoo. Castor oil can build up on your hair over time!

You can buy some pure castor oil here* or get an oil mix with castor oil in it like this one*!

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Coconut oil for curly girl method

Coconut oil can work very well for the curly girl method, both as a pre-wash oil treatment and as a leave-in. I personally tend to break out from coconut oil and have protein sensitive hair, so I can’t use it too often.

When I do, I loooove the Monoi Tiki Tahiti Vanilla oil (you can buy some here*!). It smells amazing and is the only coconut oil my hair really, really loves!

But if you don’t have any of these issues, definitely enjoy the benefits of coconut oil for your scalp and hair! Coconut oil can do wonders for your hair and is really easy to find! By now they even acknowledge that we might be too lazy to melt our coconut oil ourselves, so you can now order liquid coconut oil to use for your hair*!

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Got more recommendations?

I always love to learn about new products or hear any of your input! Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below and pin this list to your hair care board!

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*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.