You can’t talk about hair care without mentioning coconut oil anymore. Everyone and their mom is telling you to do a coconut oil hair treatment to use it for whichever hair problem you might have.

But the question is: what are the actual, researched benefits of using coconut oil on your hair? This is something we’re gonna look at today. I’ve looked through the studies, collected all the information and experiences of people. And so today, we’re gonna look at the things you can use coconut oil for, and which often talked-about benefits might rather be rumors.

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Benefits of coconut oil for damaged hair

One of the biggest benefits of coconut oil is that it can prevent damaged hair. This is because coconut oil can actually prevent protein loss from the hair.

Why does that matter? Well, our hair is made up of protein. And when we lose some of these proteins, for example through heat damage, it means our hair becomes brittle. We suffer from breakage and our hair just doesn’t feel alive anymore. It’s not a nice feeling!

Image of dry, tangled hair that could benefit from a coconut oil treatment, a wooden comb stuck in it t

That kind of damaged hair also really is a problem for hair growth. So if you’re struggling with damaged hair you will definitely benefit from coconut oil!

Another way coconut oil can help prevent hair damage is its ability to prevent swelling when water enters the hair cuticle. As this swelling leads to hygral fatigue over time, preventing it is extremely beneficial for hair health!

Benefits of coconut oil for hair thickness

The “protein effect” of coconut on hair can also make it feel like your hair is getting thicker. In that way it could seem like coconut oil does work in giving you thicker hair.

But keep in mind, no oil can make your hair thicker – it can just prevent it from thinning out. So, if any, coconut oil has benefits for thinning hair IF the reason for the thinning is damage to the individual hair strand.

If you are struggling with age-related thinning or another medical issue, a doctor will be able to help more than this oil.

Coconut as a moisturizer for your hair

Image of a wooden comb combing through shiny, moisturised hair

Another benefit of coconut oil is that it can act as a conditioner if you apply it to your hair after washing it or just in between to keep it moisturized. While this is not specific to coconut oil (it works with pretty much any hair oil), everyone is different. So if your hair specifically likes coconut oil definitely go for it!

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Coconut oil for scalp benefits

Some of the biggest benefits of coconut oil in hair care are the effects it can have on your scalp.

We all know how scalp health is closely related to hair health. In that sense, coconut oil will benefit your hair, too!

The simplest way coconut oil can benefit your scalp is its effect as a moisturizer. If you’re suffering from a dry scalp or even dermatitis, applying coconut oil can help.

Image of a woman looking at her scalp in the mirror

Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, it might also help with other skin issues, like eczema, psoriasis, or even some fungal issues.

But keep in mind that lots of people can get breakouts from coconut oil (I am definitely one of them!) and if you have any issue with your scalp, like psoriasis, dermatitis, or eczema, definitely talk to your doctor before experimenting with coconut oil!

Coconut oil benefits hair loss

Speaking of scalp health: This brings me to the next alleged benefit of coconut oil. Many many people are looking for an answer to the question if there are any benefits of Coconut oil for hair loss.

Image of a woman with hair loss, holding some hair in her right hand

And the answer is: there could be. It depends a little bit on your situation. Some conditions of the scalp will cause hair loss. So if your hair loss is due to a skin condition that coconut oil can help with, then it can, in a roundabout kind of way, also help with your hair loss.

For all the other causes of hair loss, coconut oil cannot do anything, unfortunately, because these are not issues of the scalp.

Hair growth & coconut oil

Similarly, when it comes to the benefits of coconut oil for hair growth, there are some ways in which coconut oil can support. If you are looking at all the benefits of coconut oil above, you can see how it can help for your hair and scalp to stay healthy.

With coconut oil treatments your hair isn’t breaking off. You’re not suffering from any damage. Your scalp is well-moisturized and illness-free. All of these things could otherwise slow down your hair growth.

Other than that coconut Oil cannot speed up hair growth though. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding about that out there, but there aren’t really any real hair growth oils.

Coconut oil in hair benefits

In conclusion, coconut oil does have lots of benefits for your hair. The biggest of it will be that it helps with protein retention in your hair, thus preventing damage. It can help support your scalp health and therefore help prevent hair loss and support your hair growth. It will not make your hair grow faster, though.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some coconut oil here* and share this article with someone who could benefit from it as well!

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*These links are so-called provision links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.