The aloe vera plant has an amazing reputation in the beauty world – and rightfully so! Of course, this means that there are countless options to use it in your hair care as well.

To get you started with this awesome natural beauty ingredient, I am going to show you 8 ways to use aloe vera for your hair.

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The benefits of Aloe Vera for hair

Before we dive into the “How to use it” you probably want to know what exactly makes Aloe Vera such a popular ingredient in hair care. What exactly are the benefits of Aloe Vera on your strands?

  • Moisturizing effect: Aloe vera contains ingredients that help bind moisture, both to your skin and your hair. (Aloe vera for dry hair is a magical ingredient!)
  • Scalp health: the Aloe vera plant has lots of beneficial and protective properties when it comes to skin. It’s anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiseptic.
  • Hair growth: While there is no scientifically proven impact of aloe vera on stimulating your hair follicles, it does help with hair growth by keeping the skin of your scalp healthy.
List of the benefits of aloe vera for hair: moisturizing effect, scalp health, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic, hair growth (indirectly)

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1. Aloe Vera as Hair gel

The most popular way to use Aloe Vera gel is, well, as a hair gel. It already comes in this form, after all.

While it has really awesome effects on your hair and will leave even super dry hair ends moisturized, it doesn’t have the strong hold of, say, a DIY linseed hair gel.

So if you are simply looking for a little help with shaping your hair and an amazing moisturizing effect, you can absolutely use aloe vera gel for your hair.

If you have very curly hair and need some more support, check out these curly girl approved hair gels instead! Don’t get me wrong, I love aloe vera for curly hair as a moisturiser! Just not for styling or curl forming.

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2. Aloe Vera gel hair mask

Aloe Vera is a perfect ingredient for any kind of hair mask. The goal of any hair mask is to make your hair shinier, moisturize it, and make it look and feel super soft. Aloe Vera can do all of these things!

Obviously you can add Aloe Vera to all kinds of hair masks, but I am going to give you two specific examples so you can try it right now!

Aloe Vera honey hair mask

Image of a liquid with aloe vera gel, the words "the ultimate DIY hair mask for dry hair" written over the image

My favorite DIY hair mask for dry hair is an Aloe Vera gel honey hair mask. It’s super quick to mix together and always(!) gives me amazing results. Shiny, well-moisturized hair – who doesn’t want that?!

Simply mix honey, aloe vera, and your favorite conditioner together and put this mixture on your hair. Wash out as usual and enjoy soft and shiny hair!

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Aloe Vera gel egg hair mask

Another DIY hair mask with Aloe Vera is this Aloe Vera egg hair mask. You’ll need:

  • 2 egg yolks
  • enough Aloe Vera gel to make enough mask for all your hair
  • your favorite hair oil

3. Aloe Vera hair oil

You can also combine your Aloe Vera hair treatment with your favorite hair oil. Simply mix some Aloe vera gel with the oil and use it as a hair mask before washing.

If you need some inspiration, check out the 11 best oils for your hair here!

4. Aloe Vera hair products

Another quick and easy way to reap the benefits of Aloe Vera on your hair is to simply add a little bit of Aloe Vera gel to any of the hair products you’re using anyway.

Or you could choose from one of the many hair products that already have aloe vera on their ingredient list!

5. Aloe Vera gel as hair conditioner

You can easily use Aloe Vera as a conditioner for your hair. Simply prepare a fresh Aloe vera hair rinse before hopping into the shower by mixing Aloe Vera gel with cool water. Slowly pour the mixture over your hair after washing it. You don’t even need to wash this out!

6. Aloe Vera for dandruff

Image of a woman with long hair inspecting her dandruff in the mirror

The moisturizing effect of Aloe Vera cannot only help your hair. It also helps with one of the most common scalp problems: dandruff.

If you are struggling with dry, flaky skin on your scalp, simply make it a habit to apply some Aloe Vera gel to it every evening.

After a few days, you’ll notice how you have less dryness and itching, and soon after you’ll notice significantly less dandruff.

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7. Aloe Vera as a hair detangler

Detangling is one of the “hair to-dos” that causes most breakage. So any product that will help make our hair more supple is more than welcome!

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Conveniently, you can use Aloe Vera to make your very own detangler. Pair it with an oil of your choice, and you have the perfect mixture to make your hair more pliable and moisturize it at the same time.

8. Aloe Vera water hair moisturizer

Sometimes you just want to refresh your hair in between. Especially for people who follow the curly girl method, refreshing is much nicer than going through the whole process of washing your hair.

For occasions like that, you can use some self-made Aloe Vera water as a hair moisturizer.

Simply mix some Aloe Vera gel with water, shake it well, and pour it into an empty spray bottle. Tada! Your DIY hair moisturizer is ready to go.

Or, alternatively, simply get a ready-to-use Aloe vera mist here*!

Whenever you feel like your hair needs a little moisture support, spray some of this water on your locks. Depending on your hair type, you might also want to “re-shape” single strands.

Got any more ideas?

Do you have any more ideas on how to use aloe vera gel for hair care? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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