Looking for some dandruff home remedies? This list only contains tips that are backed by science!

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1. Coconut oil

Image of a can of coconut oil

Coconut oil has many benefits for hair and skin. One of them is that it can significantly reduce a dry scalp. And guess what is one common reason for a flaky, itchy scalp? That’s right – dry skin.

Additionally, coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, possibly helping to fight those pesky little yeasts that are responsible for many dandruff cases.

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2. Witch hazel

Image of a bottle of witch hazel water

Witch hazel is another natural ingredient you can use for an anti-dandruff home remedy. It can reduce irritation and help you deal with the itchiness.

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3. Tea tree oil

Image of a bottle of tea tree oil, one of the most effective dandruff home remedies

This study found tea tree oil to be effective against dandruff. In the study they used 5%-shampoo, so to create a similar home remedy, you could simply add a drop of tea tree oil to the shampoo you’re using anyway.

Keep in mind that oils like tea tree oil can be irritating, so dilute it in any case. If you’d rather do an oil treatment against dandruff, mix the tea tree oil with a neutral carrier oil like jojoba.

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4. Aloe vera

Image of a bottle of Aloe vera gel as a home remedy against dandruff

Aloe vera is effective in treating seborrheic dermatitis as this study found. And you know what is a milder form of seborrheic dermatitis? That’s right, dandruff!

So try applying a little aloe vera gel to your scalp every night before sleep and see if that decreases your flaking.

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5. Aspirin

Image of a package of aspirin

Aspirin is more than a pain reliever. The salicylic acid it contains can actually help with seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff!

So if you want to try this homemade dandruff treatment, simply spike your shampoo with two crushed aspirin tablets!

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6. Baking soda

Image of a standup pouch of baking soda

Baking soda kind of looks like dandruff itself, doesn’t it? But the versatile powder has antifungal properties! This could mean that it also fights the yeasts responsible for dandruff. To be fair, it hasn’t been tested for dandruff specifically though.

Another reason why baking soda isn’t my favorite of the dandruff home remedies: it dries out your hair and can cause frizz and hair breakage. So if you want to try it, be careful and don’t overdo it!

7. Lemongrass oil

Image of a brown glass bottle with lemongrass essential oil

This study found lemongrass oil to be effective against dandruff when they tested it on participants who applied it a tonic with it twice daily to their scalp. Just to be on the safe side, I wouldn’t use it in its pure form either.

You could either mix it into your usual hair oil or add a little to your shampoo.

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8. Eucalyptus oil

Image of a brown glass bottle with eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus oil is another essential oil science showed to be effective against dandruff. You will definitely have to dilute this one to avoid irritation though!

Add a little to your shampoo or conditioner and enjoy the refreshing smell!

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9. Guava seed oil

Image of a small bottle of guava seed oil

Guava has been proven to be effective against dandruff in shampoo. So just as with the other oily dandruff home remedies, you can simply get the oil and add a few drops to your usual shampoo to fight the flakes!

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