First, a word of warning: this is not one of my usual, scientifically researched posts. There are no studies to link to. This is just a little bit of fun and hobby psychology, looking into a very common phenomenon: hair loss dreams.

I want to talk about the meaning of hair in dreams and going from there, what it could mean when we dream about hair loss.

What does hair symbolize in dreams?

People dreaming about anything hair related often ask about the spiritual meaning of hair in dreams. And, again, none of this is scientific or researched in any way.

But the general consensus is that hair in dreams symbolizes things like health, strength, attractiveness, power, and even control. So losing hair in your dream would mean losing or worrying about losing any of these attributes. This can give us plenty of ideas to interpret hair dreams, starting from dreams about hair loss and baldness to dreams of someone else’s hair falling out.

What does it mean when you dream your hair is falling out?

So what does it mean if I have dreams about hair loss? While we’ll never know for sure, we can spin up some theories and you can think for yourself if any of the following concepts apply to your life right now.

Loss of control

Assuming that hair symbolizes strength and control in dreams, having a dream about hair loss could mean that you are processing some type of loss of control. Maybe you are worried about not being able to control something any longer? Or you are realising that some things simply cannot be controlled?

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image of a lady with white hair, sitting with her arms around her knees

Aging is a perfect example for something in life that cannot be controlled. So a common interpretation of hair loss dreams is that they are related to aging.

Aging also means a loss of strength and health, both things hair could stand for in your dreams.

Big changes in life

Losing your hair, maybe even going bald, would be a big change. Dreaming of that could be you processing some other big changes in your life. Did you get a new job recently, moved to a new place, or got married?

It could also be a negative change, like getting divorced. These big changes can trigger lots of worries: loss of control and worrying about not being attractive anymore.


Any kind of stress can make you worry, feel like you’re losing control or put you in a general state of anxiety. So dreaming about losing hair might simply signify that you’ve been under lots of stress recently and that your brain started to worry about anything. If you find yourself in this description, please take good care of yourself!

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Worry about hair loss

Image of a woman with dark hair holding fallen hair in her right hand and touching her scalp with the left hand

Especially for males, but also for women, worrying about hair loss can become a big topic in their lives. Sometimes our dreams aren’t cryptic or symbolic at all, but simply show us something we are worrying about during the day, too.

For those people, dreaming of hair loss or going bald might simply be a sign of having worried excessively about hair loss during the daytime.

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While it’s easier said than done: keep in mind that most causes of hair loss are manageable. And if they are not, worrying about it will only make you feel worse. So try to focus your mind on nicer things, too!

Health concerns

Your hair loss dream could also relate to other health concerns. Maybe you’re getting treatment for something where you have to expect hair loss? (If that’s you, I’m so sorry! Stay strong!)

Or maybe your last physical has just shown you less than desirable results and now you worry about your health? In that case, dreaming of losing your hair would symbolize your worry about being unhealthy and the feeling that you can’t do anything about it.

More ideas about interpreting hair loss dreams?

Did you find yourself in any of these scenarios? If not, what other ideas do you have about the meaning of your hair loss dream? Let me know below!