Hygral fatigue

(And no, it's not hydral fatigue, hydro fatigue or anything else. I know, it's complicated.)

Have you heard of hygral fatigue & wonder if you have it? Without knowing you, if your hair is long (= old) enough, you do!

(Also in some other cases!)

The answer is in the definition. Hygral fatigue= hair getting fatigued from changing between "wet" and "dry". If your hair got wet often enough, the hair cuticle changes.

What? Why?


Wait, is this the same as  over-moisturized hair then?

Not quite. Hygral fatigue happens over time, over moisturizing can happen in one long hair treatment, ie deep conditioning over night. BUT, they look the same.

1. Gummy hair when it’s wet

Signs of HF / over-conditioned hair

How to fix it


2. Hair feels limp & weak

3. Hair structure is gone / weakened

Prevention is the only way!

You can't "repair" actual hygral fatigue, other than cutting your hair. But there are ways to prevent it from happening in the first place!

Number 1 tip:

Wash less often. Keeping your hair dry means it doesn't have to change from wet to dry. Simple, right? (Tips for dealing with a greasy scalp below.)

A study found that the damage to the hair's cell membrane complex is bigger, the longer it takes for your hair to dry. Find some ways to dry your hair even without heat below.

Dry your hair quickly