Example for a long hair Instagram pictureLong hair Instagram feeds are appealing to many people. And I totally get why, as long hair is a very visual topic. Naturally a lot of long haired beauties have taken their material to Instagram. It is the perfect platform to not only display artistic hairdos and regular measuring pictures. They also share hair care advice and connect with other rapunzels all over the world. For everyone looking for a little bit of inspiration I created a list of the top 5 long hair themed accounts to follow.


Basically the perfect place to start your exploration of long hair Instagram pictures from. This account collects theme related shots from all over Instagram. So you will definitely find the well-known long hairs. And also many users who might not have a purely long hair Instagram feed, but share the occasional long hair picture.


Not purely but mainly focused on long hair, sometimes also featuring recipes.Β  The interesting thing about this long hair Instagram account is how the owner deals with the topic of hair loss – not typical for the rapunzel show-off world. Obviiously it is definitely worth a look for everyone struggling with this.



First of all this account shows off the impressive knee long (yes, you read that right!) mane of the account owner. Additionally there are a lot of ideas and tips for hairdos. The feed is an extension of her website www.haartraumfrisuren.de, roughly translating to “dream hair styles”. No worries, most articles seem to have an english version as well.Β  Also, a lot of the tutorials seem youtube-based, so even if you don’t understand you can still see the how-to.


This feed is created by Shannon. Shannon not only has beautiful red hair, she also really knows how to work with it! From Vikings to Game of Thrones – if you are into recreating elaborate hairdos from your favourite show, Shannon will very likely have a how-to for it!


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This blonde lady jokes about similarities to Rapunzel from Tangled. And scrolling through her feed you will see where she is coming from. Princesslike silky blonde hair and lots of nice braiding ideas.