I have almost always had long hair, at least shoulder length. Not counting that one time a hairdresser (not understanding the workings of curly hair) chopped off about 40 centimeters… They left me with straw pointing straight away from my head into all directions!

Obviously, there are no pictures from that time. I did not leave the house for two weeks and afterward avoided cameras in general for a while. When even before I did not particularly like going to the hairdresser, it now happens once a year or not at all. Luckily my hair is fine with me just snipping away some split ends every now and then. It still grows, for the length and curliness it requires pretty little maintenance and when it does not look presentable I just braid it or put it in a bun – problem solved.

Flashback picture from baby lioness with long hair

Flashback picture from baby lioness with long hair

Hair care with oil and other findings

Recently I found myself playing around with my hair some more, reading a lot about different hair treatments and oiling it regularly with different organic oils. The best effects I got so far were from linseed oil, but I just like to change it up and try something new regularly.

So while researching about this hairy topic, I stumbled upon some pages where a lot of people made a real science out of growing and nurturing their hair. They have awesome pictures of strong and healthy hair till knee length or even more! While this might be a bit long for my daily life, especially considering my job and the fact that even now already my hair tends to get too heavy for my neck when bunned up, I couldn’t resist but jump onto the measuring train. I just love to measure things, of course, I had to!

My current hair length

In this picture, you can see that even in the curly state, my hair is already almost waist length. Honestly, I am a bit surprised, considering the fact that about a year ago my hair was about shoulder length. And I really did not go out of my way to get it growing. Mostly I just left it alone and even cut off a few centimeters this spring.

In the picture, you can see a lock sticking out a bit lower. That is the one I pulled straight to show how long my hair would be if not curly and also to measure with a tape. The method for measuring I used is called “Madora method” or “Dr. George Michaels measurement method” after it’s creator and you can see how it works here. According to this way of measuring my hair length now is 83 cm (ca. 32.6 inches) and about 67 cm (26.4 inches) in “real hair length”.

As till now, I have not measured length let alone monthly growth, I have to work with assumptions here. But apparently, the average hair growth is about 1.5 cm a month… That would leave me around 100 cm in exactly a year! Hair falling till the butt! That is something I haven’t had since the early days of puberty, but why the hell not?

How can I get long hair?

So in the meantime, I will be learning about protective hairstyles. I also want to find ways to nurture the hair externally and internally. Another idea is to measure it monthly to see how I’m on track. To navigate the bountiful online resources for this topic, I also had to determine my hair type. Not every long hair care method works for the same hair. If I wash my hair daily it becomes horribly coarse, dry and unmanageable. People with fine hair, on the other hand, cannot do my “mechanical cleaning” methods unless they really like the “wet look”.

As in the big forums and most blogs, I found so far people were using Fia’s Hairtyping System, I took the cue. So my hair type would be called 2cMiii. I guess. While I am not entirely sure on the first 2 letters, I am definitely sure on my hair being thick. My ponytail circumference is a solid 12 cm (4.7 inches). Gonna have fun with those updo hairstyles once I have really long hair…