About the Invisible Lioness

Who is the Invisible Lioness?

The Invisible Lioness is a pretty private person, even though she is living in the multi-cultural melting pot of Berlin. Currently working on becoming self-employed and learning loads of things along the way. Also enjoying the advantages of working from home a lot. Loves singing duets with her fiancé, drinking huge amounts of decaf and reading self-development books.

What is this blog about?

Pretty much anything that happens in her life. Like any other millennial the Invisible Lioness wants to live location independent. And also change the world. Live healthy, do sports and live life to the fullest. Out of all of that, there are some topics bigger than others:

Homemade beauty tips and generally anything that helps replace plastics, tensides, crazy consumerism and all those unfriendly things in our daily (cosmetic) lives. Also how to play with long hair. Wooden combs, Indian herbs, you name it.

Self development: “We are what we repeatedly do”. Blogging about useful habits, recently read self-development books, apps and programs. There are so many things that only take small changes in your daily life. And still they can have a huge impact on your health and happiness down the line. Sharing honest experiences with those things here.

The journey of learning to code: An adventure that started (by now) a few years ago, not even quite on purpose. Some milestones on the Freecodecamp curriculum and an Android scholarship from Udacity  and Google later, there is still so much to learn. The work towards having her first “real” app published on the Playstore gets cryptically and irregularly documented. Mostly on her Twitter account.

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